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FS Custom Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar (made to order)

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  • FS Custom Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar (made to order)

    I began designing this in in 2013 (with 25 years of experience in 3D prototyping, pattern making and the composite industry.

    My prototype was finished last December and I've kept it in the sun, pool and heating rooms, thrown it around, dropped it and dragged it around since then. After a year of the worst abuse, it held up and besides the ridiculous scratches it was perfectly fine

    Everything is hand designed and hand made. The lead time is 8-10 weeks and I'm going to be opening up for the first 4 orders. First come first serve. Once the 4th guitar is shipped I shall take the next 4.


    Top - carbon fiber curved deck with bracing.
    Back - carbon fiber domed back.
    Sides + neck - single piece carbon fiber rim. (Neck profile - slime D shape)
    Fretboard - solid carbon fiber vacuum infused slab, (same shaping method of a traditional fretboard by hand) final shape can be flat, radius or conical. Shape is dependent on clients chosen nut and saddle radii.
    Fretboard markers on side - real gold, rod.
    Bridge - hollow, carbon fiber design with tight fitting saddle
    Head stock - carbon fiber
    Fretwire - standard, Jescar EvoX gold (but stainless can be used if preferred)
    Fret size - custom. (Eg narrows, mediums, jumbo etc)
    Neck reinforcement - carbon fiber I-beam design, no adjustment needed. the neck is set to the clients preferred string action so it stays there for good regardless of climate etc.
    Nut - material and radius to be stipulated by client. (no ivory)
    Saddle - material and radius to be stipulated by client. (no ivory) will have a radius back edge for maximum energy transference into the sound board.
    Tuning machine heads - Gotah Magnum lock trad 6 in line - liaise which colour you'd prefer.
    Examples of nut and saddle material. Bone, nubone, graphtech, fossil etc.


    Fretboard width at nut - 45mm
    String spacing at nut - personal
    Fretboard width at 12th fret - 56mm
    String spacing at saddle - personal
    String action - personal
    Headstock angle - 13 degrees
    String break angle at the nut 6.5 degrees
    String break angle at the saddle - 45 degrees for each string.

    Overall length - 1045mm
    Body length - 523mm
    Upper bout - 305mm
    Waist - 232mm
    Lower bout - 385mm
    Body width / thickness - 107mm
    Weight - 2kg's ~ 4.409 pounds
    Total frets - 21 (24 can be done)
    Finish - high gloss all over. Carbon fabric on decks : unidirectional weave.
    Colour - Custom colour choice on wherever you see cream in the uploads. Either supply me with your favourite Pantone code or we can liaise and you are welcome to post me a small sample in an envelope and I will get it colour matched and sent along with the guitar during shipping.

    Scale length options
    OM standard - 25.5 inches. (647.7mm) (parallel frets)
    Multi Scale - on the treble e : 24.75 inches and on the bass e : 25.75 (fanned frets)
    The multi scale is my offering for what I believe to be the ultimate in harmony in the search for a more harmonious "compensation" as far as the 25.5 scale goes.

    OM - completely customizable, let me know your favourite string brand as well as gauge for each string.
    Multi Scale - I recommend sticking with the string gauges I took into account when designing the multi scale, but if you have a preferred set up of strings - let me know!

    fully Hand crafted. No auto CAD, no CNC machining, no laser cutting, no resin growing and no high volume production techniques used.

    Unique features
    No heal at the neck to body join and the cut out is designed for maximum fret accessibility while simultaneously retaining bridge placement on the 12th fret for maximum tonal quality. Number of frets clear - 21
    Neck thickness continues to the 17th fret
    Off set sound hole to further maximize tonal quality as well as giving the player, more sound to hear while retaining forward projection.
    Bridge designed to anchor strings, system removes the need for bridge pins.
    Fret board beveled so it does not get glued onto the sound board and retains a gap in between the two.
    semi hollow bridge - removing unnecessary material which would otherwise dampen vibrational transfer.
    Bracing specially designed and capped at all points of intersection.
    Only the Highest quality epoxy resin and bonding agents as well as carbon fiber fabrics used. (No fiberglass)
    Water proof
    Climate proof and all the other added advantages of using carbon fiber.
    Electronics can be installed if requested

    Here's a link to a sound test, I'll upload a video in the appropriate zone. Please have mercy I'm only an amateur player haha.

    I'm about to go to market and I would prefer to do so in an organic fashion.
    My business model is such that, I will complete 9 builds for clients. Thereafter every 10th instrument I make, will go up for auction and the proceeds from that auction will go entirely to a registered charity.

    Price $6129.00
    Real gold rods used for markers Neck thickness continues to the 17the fret  even though it's a 12fret neck to body join