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FS: 1992 Greco FA-95-NT MIJ

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  • FS: 1992 Greco FA-95-NT MIJ

    On sale is one of the most scarcely found guitars. I saw FA-95 with two pickups on ebay and the same model with single pickup a couple time on Japan domestic market, but when I came across this non-pickup model I myself doubted this is the same FA-95. I believe this must be a customized model, produced in very small volume. That sense you will be a lucky person to own this beauty.

    Same prototype with FA-95. Mahogany neck + Malpe top/back + Rosewood fretboard. Hollow body electric guitar owners you must be tantalized to add to your collection this amazing and rare guitar.

    Price: $1290 + shipping fee

    Interested buyers please have a look for further details here ==>

    All about Japan vintage guitar: