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Orange AD200 MK3 OBC410 OBC115 bass amp and cabs Denver, CO

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  • Orange AD200 MK3 OBC410 OBC115 bass amp and cabs Denver, CO

    A complete, premium Orange bass rig.

    I have kept this equipment in climate-controlled storage here in Denver for a few years, since brand new. It is unused, except to test and is still in new condition.

    Orange bass tube / valve Class 'A' amplifier. This is a premium amp by any standard. You know how to use Google. Try to find any musician, review, blog, or forum that does not generally agree that this amp and cabs are some of the best, at any price, and will retain value. What is interesting is that players from jazz to metal seem to love it. If you want effects then pre/post process or maybe better to just hide behind a 'versatile' amp. I will throw in an unused, matched, set of some of the best pre-amp tubes available, GT-12AX7-M. Cost about $100. Changing tubes will give you some gain/tone options or just keep them as spares.

    I also have new matching cabs: a new Orange 4x10 (OBC410) and Orange 1x15 (OBC115). The amp and these cabs will give you the best sounding rig you can buy and powerful enough for any venue in Colorado unless you are playing at Mile High Stadium.

    Orange AD200 MK3
    MSRP $3300
    Street Price New $2400
    Good-Excellent Used $1700-$2000
    Will sell for $1850

    Orange OBC410
    MSRP $1380
    Street Price New $1000
    Good Used $600-$800
    Will sell for $750

    Orange OBC115
    MSRP $910
    Street Price New $660
    Used $400
    Will sell for $450

    More photos available, but better to inspect and buy in person. Denver, Colorado