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Modded Road Warrior Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1 X 12

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  • Modded Road Warrior Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1 X 12

    $325. A steal. Located in Bronx, NY right by GW Bridge. Can get it to North New Jersey, New York City and Westchester and Fairfield County, CT. I priced out USPS Priority Mail to Chicago for like $50. Let me know if you can get shipping cheaper.

    Cool Mod Stuff: The cord isn't very long but you can plug the Eminence speakers into another amp. You can also power another cab and use this combo as the head. See pics.

    For the gigging musician or the one with a specific sound. This Fender has seen it all. The electric cord isn't original, but it has been extended with the three prong plug. The channel select light illuminates and can be seen for both yellow and red indicators, but is recessed. Some inscriptions on the chrome control plate have been rubbed off and there are signs of rust on it by the inputs. All in the pictures. Of course there are scuffs but the Tolex is more or less decent. I think the handle is not original, but a bit of a larger one has been installed and it works well. This thing has been played loud and it works just fine. Completely reliable.

    If you need a great sounding amp that won't get stolen or you treat like garbage this is it. It is pretty easy to get around, but casters wouldn't hurt. Oh, the reverb box is still installed original and works. The back covering is on. You have the option to go closed or open back. I will also throw in a foot pedal. Not the stock one but the two button one. Who knows, maybe the second pedal does the reverb?

    Please see pics below. Hear it on YouTube link as well.

    I'd rather hand off in person, but shipping from New York to Chicago has been calc'ed out around $50 via USPS.

    I also have some Budda 12" loudspeakers if you want to switch out the Celestions. Let me know.

    Thanks for reading!

    HC won't take my pics so they're here:

    Quick YouTube vid to demonstrate functionality.
    The beast herself with stomp button.  White phone cord not included. Gotta show the S/N. Lights work and plate is decent.  Handle sturdy.
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