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Are you a rubber head or a mesh head?

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    I have two sets of Hart Acupads with 10" Mesh heads on them, but I also put dead ringers under them to help eliminate some of the "playing on a trampoline" feeling. In each kit, i did away with the kick pad, and converted an 18" kick drum into a meshhead pad. The Black pads have a black rack with a Purple Taye 8"x18" kick.

    The White kit, has a 14"x 18" Yamaha Marching bass that I converted into an electric mesh-head drum. Each kick is filled with foam, because I hate a bouncy head - I bury the beater in a drum normally, so I totally foamed the kicks out by purchasing sheets of foam, cutting 18" discs out of them, and then gluing them together to make a bug foam plug that fits inside each drum, and I installed a trigger in each one.

    Here's a shot of the Taye I bought on Ebay. I got it for $50 shipped, it did not come with tension rods or claws.
    And here are some shots of the edrums. I have several midiK.I.T.I.'s (9 trigger TMI's) and an 8-Midi input MOTU unit that connects to a rackmounted PC.

    That kickdrum pad holder totally sucks. Every time you would hit it, it would almost topple over because it is top heavy. Unlike most other pads, these Hart pads are made out of steel. So that whole white shell that you see, is steel.

    I moved from my former home where I had a soundproofed 25'x25' room to practice in.
    Now I'm practicing in a 12'x12' bedroom that I can not do anything with, so the solution was - I sold a couple of my cheapo sets, and purchased all this stuff used. I even use electric cymbals. then I got wise, and went down to a local studio that has the best mic's in town, and I took my acoustic kit, and 35 Paiste cymbals from various lines, and sampled my own drums.

    So, my guitarist and I decided that I should try using the electric drums live, with my samples and real cymbals, ala Def Leppard.
    So, we're converting one of my Sonor Force kits to be an electric kit.

    I'm kind of enjoying the electronics.

    I need to start getting back online again.
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    Originally Posted by agedhorse

    You can't bridge these amps (yay).


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      So they feel like Remo practice pads? That wouldn't be too bad.
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