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What speakers could I use for an electronic drum kit?

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  • What speakers could I use for an electronic drum kit?

    I just bought the Alesis Burst Kit. Does Alesis even make the amp or speakers that could be used for it?
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    KBD amp or plain ole PA monitor. Two if you want stereo, although most PAs are mono.
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      This is what I use for my Roland TD-4 kit and now my TD-11 kit. As long as you have two channel, stereo out, all you need is this and two guitar audio cables to connect them. This is more than enough for a practice room/garage and maybe up to a small church/community center?? Plus they make bigger if you need it. ;-)
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        Got this one! It was 25% off at Guitar Center, got it for $175 new. But just yesterday it got even lower all the way to $131 new! I should have waited a month. LOL.
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      I use a Roland KC550 keyboard amp for practice with the band. live I use either a QSC K12 or Yamaha DXR15
      whatever you decide, make sure it can handle the thump from the kick drum and floor toms