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  • Slingerland Snare buy.....

    So a few weeks ago, I was being lazy at home and looking through some facebook stuff. A friend of mine posted a rummage sale in the basement of an old church in town, so I glanced at the pics and this caught my eye. At first I thought it was an old luddy. I messaged him to see if it was still there and he said yes. I jumped in my truck and drove straight there to take a look. Come to find out its an old slingerland. I don't know much about the brand but it looked cool. I purchased it for 20$ and headed home thinking that if nothing else I could make something art deco out of it. The badge has a serial number so I am thinking it is mid to late 60's......It is an eight lug, so it looks as if it is they're Hollywood Ace model. Everything is original except the batter head. I can clean and it would look new. Drum key is in the case along with original stand. The case is lined with red fur material and the outside is some type of faux aligator wrap?? Outside of the case is a little rough. Really happy with this find, gonna clean her up, smack it a little and probably sell it. They seem to be going for big bucks online in this condition......just thought I would share....
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    What a fantastic find. Having once been the president of Slingerland, it always gets me a little emotional to see these great old drums. That is either late 50's or early 60's with that sort of case. Heck, the case is as good a find as the drum!

    Hey, I'll give you $40 and you doubled your money!

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      Originally posted by Dendy Jarrett View Post
      Having once been the president of Slingerland...
      That's an interesting factoid.

      My first kit was Slingerland. '60s. IIRC, the bass, with wood hoops, was about 40" diameter!

      OK, maybe slightly smaller...

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