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  • Finding fellow beginners


    I am an older beginner drummer and would like to find fellow beginners I could practice with.
    I would be able to begin to figure where or how I could find some members.
    Does anyone know of a strategy I could use? Do you think this would be a service someone
    might offer to get people together?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.


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    heya wrench! welcome to teh boards... this place has some pretty helpful and knowledgeable folks so its a good place to start... where ya from?
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    Originally posted by isaac42;n32240445

    Voltan is correct.


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      Thanks, Providence RI


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        You might consider some lessons just to ensure you get off to a good start - even if just foundational stuff. Try Village Drum.

        And Welcome!!

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          You wanna find beginner drummers to practice with? I am missing the together? Or just common old guys like myself who occasionally share quips and knowledgeable rhetoric. I had a group here at one time with a bunch of older guys in the business, but times have changed a bit it seems. I still hang out occasionally, or when summoned by the tap signal...wha chu lookink for?

          Oh and you're from Providence? My relatives live in Johnston and Providence...
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