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Getting A V-Drums Kit Without The Module For Use With Studio Drummer

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  • Getting A V-Drums Kit Without The Module For Use With Studio Drummer

    Hey all,

    I'm wanting to invest in a nice set of V-Drums pads to be able to use with Studio Drummer via MIDI.  I don't need the full on expensive module with the sound banks and mixer as I'll be getting all my sounds from Studio Drummer.  I do however need something to connect all the triggers/pads to so I can then go into my computer via my RME Babyface's MIDI in/out.  What are my options here?  

    The only kits I see online include the module (which comprises a fair amount of the total cost), and buying individual pads seems to cost almost as much as buying the full kit with module.  I just need kick, snare, 2 toms, hat, ride, and a crash or two.  I do really prefer the feel and accuracy of the V-Drums pads, but would also be open to other models/brands.  Any suggestions?

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    Basically you can't.  You need a module.  The module controls all the parameters of the midi signal itself.  Roland does not offer a simple midi in out box.  Pretty sure Yamaha doesn't either. 

    The only one I know about is the Alesis trigger i/o box.

    I have no idea how well it works with Roland pads connected to it and all that.  Plus, as you said buying the roland pads by themselves will be expensive. 

    Amazon has them in stock...

    Unfortunately at the moment the best sounding edrums are software based and the best e kit options all are module based with pre sounds loaded.   Roland and Yamaha want to steer people into those and not just provide an empty box to buy someone elses sounds. 





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      Thanks, that's helpful. That Alesis interface looks like it could work great. I could probably buy a complete v drums kit and then sell the module and buy that instead.