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are 15"pair speakers and 18" subwoofer standard in electronic music?

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  • are 15"pair speakers and 18" subwoofer standard in electronic music?

    I'm curious so I know what to get should the time come...

    Passive or active?

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    Originally posted by samal50 View Post
    I'm curious so I know what to get should the time come...

    Passive or active?
    Yes, 18" subs and 2 way cabinets with a horn and a 15" driver are fairly common. I like the convenience and simplicity of active speakers. As far as what is being used in electronic music for live shows, I can't imagine it's all that dissimilar to other PA systems, although that's not really my genre, so I could be way off base on that.

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      I was curious if anyone actually paired a 10" speakers with a 15" or 18" subwoofer. I'm assuming a pair of 15" speakers would have subwoofer type frequency and perhaps may be competing with a subwoofer's frequency. Maybe a 12" pair of speakers and an 18" subwoofer sound better? Or how about a pair of 10" speakers with a 15" subwoofer?
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    The first problem with your question is that you're generalizing the capabilities of speakers by driver size. There are higher end 10" speakers that can wipe the floor with lower end 15" speakers. To get valid answers to your question(s) you need to define specifically which speakers you're talking about. With appropriate power and DSP behind them, it's possible for most any combination of quality cabinets to sound good. Active cabinets take a lot of the guess work out of it.
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      The purpose of a sub woofer is to handle the extremely low frequencies so that the woofer isn't getting over driven. In a passive sub this requires a crossover between the amplifiers and the mixer to separate the lower band usually about 80hz but they are adjustable. In an active system the sub has a crossover built in. You feed the signal in and 2 output connectors provide a pass through of the frequencies above the crossover point. For different size woofers you would use different crossover points most have selectors for various points usually about 50, 80, and 125hz. So say you have two 10 inch speakers, you might use the 125hz crossover point. And for 15 inch woofers the 50 hz setting. You experiment which point sounds the best for the music your playing and the speakers used. You will note that many EM Dj use smaller speaker tops and big subs. The smaller speakers are easier to haul. And the sound is excellent as long as you have the power you need, quality speakers and selected the best crossover point for the application.

      UPDATE: Personally, I find 2 way speakers especially the 15 inch often seem to lack detail in the mid range. I'm picky about things like acoustic piano and acoustic guitar sounds, the middle frequencies for those are important. For this reason I shy away from them and go for 3 way systems or smaller woofers.
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