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Dissertation - What Songs Make People Dance?

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  • Dissertation - What Songs Make People Dance?


    Despite not being here much, my dissertation involves thorough research into musical formulas. Would any for-hire DJs be willing to share some information regarding which tracks are the most universal dance-floor fillers?

    i.e. what tracks seem to get the broadest demographic on the dance-floor?

    Thank you so much,


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    ... If all else fails make the guitarist do it.....

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    They wont go away, they'll just start making dubstep.

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    People can and will dance to anything. I've seen people two-step and line dance to The Knack's My Sharona and Mettalica's Enter Sandman. I think environment has as much to do with it as song selection, Take a darkened room with a flashy light show and add liquor (three drink Trevcda thinks he can dance!) to that mix and almost anybody will dance to anything with enough gentle prodding from the opposite (or preferred) sex. Universal dance floor fillers? We all know what works every time, genre dependent of course. What's tricky is finding something new that strikes a chord with your audience long before Billboard and the rest of corporate media tells them what to like. Finding that magic combination of newness,familiarity and an easily repeatable hook is what keeps them on the dance floor. And that comes with knowing your audience and how from their center you can pull them with out losing them completely.
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      techno or old euro dance stuff like this...repetitive drum beats with some cool funky voice

      cool piano..,..

      great vocals with great beat

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        Makes me wanna sue somebody.
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          I've never seen people be able to resist Donna Summer's "I Feel Love."
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            catchy drum beat. driving rhythm.