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  • looking for a better bass response

    hello this is my first post in the forum.. i'm looking for advice on improving the sound of my system.. I host a karaoke and dj show at a local bar.. I'm running 4 nx55p's and 1 psa1s for my sub.. the bass response is good but it doesn't really fill the room the way i'd like it.. I don't really want to add another psa1s as they are quite expensive.. would 2 ls720p provide a better bass response than the 1 psa1s? or if someone has any other suggestions on how I can fill my room with bass.. thanks Jeff..

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    Why would you use a PSA1 for a sub? It may be a nice speaker bu it's a full range cabinet and only voiced down to 75hz (+/-3db). The 720P is a dedicated subwoofer that is designed specifically to do what you are looking for. Two of them should make a huge difference.

    Two things you need to know to implement this correctly. First, make sure that you use the LF ROLLOFF switch on the back of the NX55Ps at 100hz and set up the 720Ps to low-pass at a similar frequency and adjust the level to taste. Use the boost sparingly. Second, if you're going to get all bassy with your source material you may be fine when you DJ, but when start turning on mics for karaoke you may find yourself in a muddy mess of bass feedback, especially with singers who don't have good mic technique and/or are afraid of the mic. Use the high-pass button on the mic channel on the mixer if you've got them. You can roll of the bass on that channel, but you run the risk of making making a poorly used mic sound even more like a telephone. At that point you're probably better off rolling down your subs for your karaoke shows.

    Disclaimer: Please note that I have not used the Yorkville equipment mentioned and can't speak to the sound quality or expectations, but the above advice is PA 101 stuff combined with the spec sheets for each product.
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      Thanks, trevcda - good advice.

      Another tip is that placement in the room is crucial. In a small room, the wavelength of the bass might be longer than the size of the room itself. This results in cancellations that diminish the bass.

      One trick to give the "feel" of more bass is to set the speaker in a corner and pointing outward. Signals coming off the back of the cabinet will reflect off the wall and reinforce the wave coming from the front of the speaker. This can sound a bit muddier than the more elegant solution like trevcda has posted, but it can be an effective "quick fix."
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