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  • Looking for a singer


    I live in Eastern Europe and I have this great idea for a song but I simply cannot sing it - I need a good, native America English voice, preferably with a "country" tinge as the song is pretty much in the vein of country&western music.

    I can do all the instruments recording and I already have a demo of me singing and playing the song, if anyone's interested.

    Are there any takers for this "trans-atlantic" cooperation? I will share any possible profits!

    Many thanks!

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    Hello, I am a singer; have been singing since age four. I am 79 years old. I have some professionally recorded CD's and make recordings of my own. I grew up with country music, but also love all genres, especially jazz. I live in central USA, so definitely have the country sound you might be looking for. I would love to hear your recording. Can you send it via email I have submitted?
    I am female. You can email me at
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