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  • Latest Percussion added to the 'LooP Library'

    20150730 240bpm : Funk It Up White Boy

    Time to Put Some Funk back in my Trunk...

    This is a nice folder with some real funky loops and some beautiful kicks and snares too. Back to the Old Skool again and these would be great for a BBoy or Break Dance outfit, or some rappers wanting to be as cool as james brown. A definate folder to jam to if youre into swing, RnB, soul, northen soul, jazz, big band, you get the drift i hope...

    I deliberately picked the original samples that were raw n dirty, and to add to this , also placed emphasis on eq'ing and compressing all the dirt !!!LOUDER!!! - also kept the variety down so as to capture the whole essence of the main LooP. might be continuing with this midi file, and adding to this folder at a later date...

    Trust me, everyone's gonna want to use at least one of these for something. people, this is probably where i shine the most to be honest. and boy is it a pleasure when i make a folder like this. thankyou creator for your guidance...

    listen to the new loops online...
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