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Buzz is getting on my nerves

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  • Buzz is getting on my nerves

    I play bass in the worship band at church.  I use a SX jazz bass clone.  For about 5 years it has done the job, but lately, it has started a buzz that won't go away unless I put my hand or fingers over the strings.  When I do that, the buzz stops.  We tried a direct box, and it did nothing.

    My director said to have it looked at and church would take care of it, but most repairs start at about $60, and the guitar is barely worth three times that.

    So, should I get a new guitar or is there some easy fix?  I am not Mr. Handy, but I can use a soldering gun.

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.



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    You may have grounding issue with the bass. It depends on if the bass is active or passive. Once you go into the cavity that's located no the back of the bass (it'll be a panel that you can take off with the help of a screwdriver), it can be pretty much be a variety of different things, from the pickups themselves to whatever is going on in that back cavity. However, to help you out, I would assume it's grounding, and there may be something wrong inside the cavity. That would be source of all/any electric issues. Good luck!