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    Guitar player here.


    Need a bass for my project studio in the (~$250) range. I'm leaning towards a 4 string since that's more familiar to me.


    Some basses I've looked into include the Sterling S.U.B bass, Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar, AXL Badwater APJ-820, and the Tobias Toby Deluxe IV.


    Opinions? Other suggestions? This guitar will be used for recording exclusively.


    Thanks in advance.

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    You want something that isn't junk and will blend in to most genres. Think Used Fender P-Bass.

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    • lz4005
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      Passive P bass is the way to go. It will work in every genre and record with less noise than most inexpensive active basses.

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    In a recent thread someone suggested an Epiphone Tobias Deluxe IV. It looks pretty solid.

    I really liked that Squire Jag bass you mentioned - and I admit I've been prejudiced against the Squire line. But I really liked that Jag bass a lot. Light and a skinny neck. Don't know how I feel about the pickups, but those are easy to upgrade.

    I've played some inexpensive Spectors that were really nice. Don't know their models, I was just impressed with the feel and surprised by the low price.

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    • jcpatte2
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      Yeah, I wish Guitar Center carried that Toby so I could try it out firsthand. The Squire feels more guitar-like than most basses which is a plus for me. I'll have to check into the Spector line.

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    I think I'm leaning towards trying an SX out based on a few recommendations.


    • perrydabassman
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      Most of the forumites that used to hang here said they played nice, but had trashy electronics.

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    Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Ray4


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      I just stumbled on a Peavey Grind. Used and in great shape for less than $200.

      I'm surprised by how good it is.

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        Seriously. I have five basses I purchased from there. Only one was a dog, but I got it from a scratch and dent sale dirt cheap.



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            So far my fav is the Shecter Diamond C4

            but you'd have to find a used one in that price