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    indulnenisice wrote:
     handstand dead weep photo underwater determine due stomach off astronaut chart printer remove

    you're full of ****************.  the astronaut never removed the printer.

    You added another useless post...who could ask for more? - BMAL
    I actually just realised what a dumb thread this is - bassaussie
    What a stupid thread. - bassaussie
    Tall Girl was everything a HCBF thread should be. - ivanthetrble
    Take care of yourself...and each other. - jerry springer

    you have brave ballz of cast iron to fight the trog forces of haTE. - boy#152

    and after you're finished, you say-
    Ooh, what a lovely teaparty


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      ink action level unpleasant taste tragedy grass tank racial luggage


      Racial Luggage?   Really?  Do they just cut and paste a dictionary of random engrish words?

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    Arab pronunciation provide leftover kick?

    He's...hes like a modern Plato.


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      "ripe fibre airless brotherhood"

      Sounds like a good band name

      Captain Niomo

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        I detected the scent of spam and was just about to delete it, except the follow up comments were just too damn funny. And I DO see the merit of "Ripe Fibre Airless Brotherhood" as a name for a band.