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  • Share Your Personal Favorite Bass Lines/Tones/Songs

    From any time frame, any level of popularity, by anybody.

    I'll start with one of my favorite all time bassists on planet Earth. The man is a living legend and if there is a bass player hall of fame, IMO he deserves to be in the top 10 best Rock Bass Players of all time. I am referring to none other than the incredible bassist extraordinaire Bob Daisley.

    One of my personal favorite heavy rock bass songs of all time is from way back in 1971, and is one that Bab played his magic bass on. It's called "She's So Hard To Shake" by the Australian band Kahvas Jute. Now before you say Kahvas who??? Take a listen to what are unquestionably my favorite fuzz bass lines of all time. Please let me know what you think of Bob's playing and tone on this amazing vinyl slab of history. Believe you me, it took one heck of an offering to upstage and knock another of my all time favorite bassists out of first place (whom I won't take any fun away and mention because he just might be the owner of your favorite fuzz bass monster!), but when I heard She's So Hard to Shake my mind was made up before the song was even over!

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    Muff Winwood on "Keep On Running" and "Gimme Some Lovin'".

    Simple but effective.


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      Rush, The Enemy Within, from Grace Under Pressure is a favorite, I'll think this over and have a few more.
      Meanwhile, lurking by a stone in the mud...

      Metal by numbers - Cookie Cookie Cookie!!!

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        Om- Flight Of The Eagle and Sleep- From Beyond
        ''It's so heavy it's like a tank flying down Mt. Krumpit''

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          Play more bass.


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            The Real Me - The Who

            Call Me The Breeze - Lynyrd Skynyrd

            Most AudioSlave/Rage Against the Machine - Tim Commerford

            Almost any Spock's Beard

            Almost all bass parts on Fragile - Yes

            Lot's of Molly Hatchet bass tones.

            Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Pepers
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              Just a couple of sincere comments and a few more favorites:

              I really LOVE this sort of thing. There really is no greater honor than when a fellow musician will show the inside of the head/heart. Especially those playing and sharing their love/appreciation for the same instrument as yourself.

              Om- Flight Of The Eagle and Sleep- From Beyond

              Just starting a collaborative recording project with a bonafide Doom guitarist. Guy is unique/cool as all get out. He and his wife just recently moved here from Florida. They opened an art gallery where he himself is the residing artist and they are also selling pieces on consignment for other local artists. We have gotten together once in person but not as instrument bearing musicians yet. As soon as he explained to me how he himself had modified his Gibson Les Paul by routing out a space in between the two humbuckers to accommodate a Fender Jazz Bass pick up, I was hooked! He configured the circuitry in the guitar to further output a high/low frequency stereo crossover set up. I hoping to implement an experimental/electronic/sequenced/synthesized/doom rock project with him, a drummer and myself very soon. We'll see what happens. Thanks for the HEAVY recommendations!

              The Real Me - The Who

              No question. IMO one of best recorded heavy rock bass lines in history. One that IMO gives it a good run for it's money is Young Man's Blues from Live At Leeds. Another favorite from the Ox.

              Call Me The Breeze - Lynyrd Skynyrd

              This guy was seriously underrated!! Had to have one of the best bass playing ears I have ever come across. If you listen to Skynyrd as a whole, 90% of the time when you hum their tunes, you are humming his lines. One of the most melodious players in the history of Rock IMO.

              Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Pepers

              Could not agree more. Flea = One of the best all round musicians imaginable IMO. That recorded line could easily be THEE signature model for the Music Man Stingray and is also the line that inspired me as a Geezer Butler/Steve Harris worshiping heavy rock/metal bassist to start slapping. I haven't stopped too much since.

              A few more important favorites from me,

              Dennis Dunaway/Alice Cooper - Gutter Cat vs.The Jets

              Dennis, another of the most underrated bassists of all time. All those old Billion Dollar Babies LPs are FILLED with priceless gems from this low profile obscure master.


              The fretless bass has always held an almost eerie attraction for me. So dark, warm, and yet at times a veritably detached and menacing voicing.

              One of my personal favorites examples from bassist extraordinaire, Mick Karn/Dalis Car - His Box



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                I agree with Muff Winwood's playing. He played it just right in that band.

                I'll go for Jack Bruce on "Deserted Cities Of The Heart" on Cream's "Wheels Of Fire". It's on the studio side. You have to dig in and turn it up to really hear him, but his playing on that cut is the perfect example of showing your stuff without losing the feel for the song. Class all the way...

                I love The Ox's playing on the tracks of "Quadrophenia" that they didn't shove his mix back.


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                  So many....

                  Ben Folds Five '1000 Angry Dwarves' - almost singlehandedly brought back fuzz bass in the 90's

                  Stevie Wonder 'I Wish' - one of many great bass parts in Stevie songs

                  Led Zep 'Fool In The Rain' - bossa nova written by Jones and Bonham while Page was passed out on H, and my all time fav Zep song

                  Violent Femmes 'Blister In The Sun' - great ABG fills all over the place

                  Stanley Clarke 'Desert Song' - nice pizz and arco upright solos and a generally cool ass tune

                  David Lee Roth 'Yankee Rose' - guilty pleasure, but at least its Billy Sheehan and Steve Vai

                  Oh, man so many more...Rufus 'Tell Me Something Good', Medeski Martin & Wood 'The Lover', Propellerheads 'Bang On!', Soul Coughing 'Super Bon Bon', The Who 'Baba Oriley'... I have to stop before I list 100 songs.


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                    Thomas Miller on Symphony X - Sea of Lies


                    He left the band shortly after this record came out, and was replaced by the incredible Michael LePond, but something about his slightly chaotic, manic fretless tone really gave a lot to the sound. His playing was tight-but-loose, precise but just mental enough to really sound unique.
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                    • Phil O'Keefe
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                      Mine lean heavily towards Motown, and McCartney...


                      One that is really under-rated IMHO is "Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye) by Gladys Knight & The Pips. I love that bass line! I'm not sure who played it, but it's fantastic.



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                    I'm not a big fan of this version, but the video highlights Entwistle's playing:

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                      Anything by Lug
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                        Oh man, I wouldn't even know where to start, there are so many great ones out there! Even though I play keys I've always loved bass, and have worked my ass off tyring to create really cool basslines on the keys....seeing that vid of Entwhistle reminds me of his lines on Eminence Front, which is some of my all time fav bass playing, and bass tone...I'm gonna have to take some time to think about it and post back.
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                          Anything by Lug

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                            I always liked tony levin's line on "The Howler" from Crimson's "Beat" album.

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                          What's Going On, Bernadette, Get Ready, Just my Imagination, etc., etc. -James Jamerson
                          Signed, sealed Delivered; Mercy Mercy Me, midnight train to georgia -Bob Babbitt (the white Motown Bass player)
                          Moondance - John Klingberg
                          New Years Day - Adam Clayton
                          The Joker - Steve Miller Band
                          Ramble on - John Paul Jones
                          What is hip - Rocco Prestia/Tower of Power
                          Almost every one of Paul McCartney's bass lines with the Beatles
                          My Generation - John Entwistle
                          I want you back - Jackson Five


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                            Great list Rochester Steve!

                            I think "I want you back" with Wilton Felder is the best out and out pop bass line I've ever heard

                            I would add the whole Aja CD from Steely Dan, especially Chuck Raineys playing on "Peg".

                            And "Money" by Pink Floyd.

                            And in the Jazz world you have to consider Jaco's playing on "Bright Size Life" w/Metheny, Shadows and Light w/ Joni Mitchell, and his solo on Weather Reports Havana.

                            As far as tone, my two favorite just out and out tones are Ricky Minors (tonight show) and Will Lee (lLetterman). On frettles, I like Mark Egans work w/ Pat Maetheny group. As much as I Like Jaco's playing, Egan still had the best frettless TONE. And on the Rock side Dug Pinnocks playing in Kings X is killer.