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    Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe View Post
    Is that an Applause fretless? How cool! I never even knew they made such a beast.
    I believe that's an Ovation rather than an Applause but I could easily be wrong.
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      Originally posted by DeepEnd View Post
      I believe that's an Ovation rather than an Applause but I could easily be wrong.
      I've owned Applause and Ovation instruments - multiples of each actually. The rosette and general features look far more like an Applause to me than an Ovation, but again, I never knew they made a fretless acoustic bass under either moniker, so I don't know for certain either way which one it is...

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        That picture was not the bass that I worked on, it was supplied by another forumite. I didn't take a picture of mine, all I was asking for was what kind of action a typical fretless might have. The work order on the bass in my question calls it an "Ovation Applause fretless bass" and gives the serial number. A follow up call to the owner indicated that he is happy with the way it plays.

        I've got another bass on my bench right now that needs a nut - its got frets and I know what to do with it.