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Pickups/control advice for custom bass?

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  • Pickups/control advice for custom bass?

    Here's the deal....

    My dad is a luthier and wants to build me a custom bass (the first electric bass he has ever built). He is really wanting to go all out on it. It is going to be a 5-string fretless.

    Here is the advice I am wanting.

    Part 1.

    I want an amazing PASSIVE j-pickup for the bridge (Think Fender J-bass sounds).

    I want an amazing PASSIVE neck pickup. Now for this pickup, I am looking for a super low-end (but prominent) thud. Think Gibson Thunderbird sound. Not a funky, metallic sound like you tend to hear from most Warwick players.

    If what I want for the neck pickup simply does not exist in the realm of passive pickups, I would be willing to compromise with the best P-bass pickups you could advise.

    Also, I don't NEED to have a neck and bridge pickup if one pickup could do it all. I know triple-coil pickups exist (as you'll see below), but I can't find any that are passive.

    Part 2.

    I currently have a an Ibanez ATK that has really turned me into this tone-snob as it already gives me the best of both of these worlds. For anyone unfamiliar with them, they have a crazy pickup with a 3-way pickup switch to split it up. This means that I can easily achieve a jazzy Jaco, funky-metallic, or deep-skull-crushing tone...BUT

    The treble, mid, and bass tone knobs affect the the ENTIRE pickup. This means that if I have my tone dialed in for that deep, skull-crushing tone and use the 3-way switch for a jazz-tone, I need to re-dial in all of the knobs to get that Jaco tone.

    What I need is a configuration that would give me full tonal control over both the neck pickup and the bridge SEPARATELY (with a 2 or 3-way pickup selector switch). I know this is probably really simple, but I obviously know nothing about pot-configurations.

    Thanks for all the help in advance.
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    Why are there Vietnamese spam links in your message?

    If you want separate active tone controls you'll have to install two separate preamps and controls, and switch between them with a pickup switch.
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