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  • Finger or Pick Style Survey

    Hey everyone! I started playing bass a couple years ago, and I'm excited to continue learning and improving.

    Recently, I started using a pick. Coincidentally, I have an assignment in my Statistics class where I have to gather survey data. So, I decided I would try to learn more about my craft at the same time!

    The following link is a short, 6 question survey about playing styles across different genres.

    Please consider helping out! Thanks!!

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    I use whatever is right for the song so I gave it a 50/50.

    When I played professionally in bands I mostly used alternating fingers and often did things with the thumbs like double note pulls with thumb and finger. Most of that was cover music and playing the parts of other players using fingers was natural. I mostly play original stuff now so it really comes down to the notes an scales that need to be played.


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      Normally I don't uses a pick on bass, but other times I have.

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        I filled out the survey


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          I filled out the survey. The correct answer really is whatever fits the song, but I generally start with fingers and then decide to grab a pick, although my 8 string demands a pick. I started off strumming on guitar, so using a pick on bass comes naturally to me.
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            Welcome to Harmony Central!

            Interesting how you broke the survey down by genre... and it really does make a difference IMO. I'd be far more likely to play with a pick on a Rock song than on an R&B song.

            Will you please let us know the results of the survey once it's concluded? I'd sure appreciate that!

            Best of luck with your class!

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              I filled out your survey only to decide that you are trying to find out my gender! I refuse to be subject to your narrow definitions of gender. Why you didn't even have unsexual as an option! :triggered:
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