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  • Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

    By Ara Ajizian |

    We live in an interesting, in-between time when it comes to technology. Many of us who are 35 and up can easily remember a time when not even cell phones were common, much less things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media existing. Conversely, to many of those below that age threshold, having an online presence and being connected 24/7 seems perfectly normal. As new technologies arrive and their progression speeds up, it's easy to get left behind. This is true in all walks of life, and it's especially true for musicians—and not only when it comes to gear.


    Before the explosion of the Internet, "marketing your band" meant getting a demo together, hitting up every promoter in town for gigs, stapling flyers to telephone poles and spreading your music one fan at a time. Today, it's become much more complex to effectively market your band, and many times it comes at the expense of what this is all about—making great music. But fear not, the DIY spirit is still alive and well, and with the right guidance, you can put it to good use and get your band maximum exposure. All you need is a good guide. That's where Music Marketing for the DIY Musician comes in.



    Author Bobby Borg's credentials make him the perfect person to write such a book. He's an industry veteran with 25 years of playing and touring under his belt (both as an independent and major-label artist), holds a degree in Professional Music from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, teaches at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood and offers consulting services in every aspect of the music industry. Put simply, dude knows his stuff. As you dive into Music Marketing for the DIY Musician, you'll quickly arrive at the same conclusion.


    The best thing about Music Marketing for the DIY Musician is that it knows its target audience and addresses musicians in a conversational, easy-to-follow manner. Borg is thorough in his instruction, beginning with the all-important vision. An essential first step that many bands skip over without a second thought, without that unifying vision there's really just aimless wandering. Borg wants to help you eliminate that and ensure calculated success.


    Over the course of 21 chapters, this intensive guide serves up step-by-step strategies to achieve your musical goals. It's not just about social media— a trap many bands today fall into. There's a logical progression and plan you can put into place, and it all adds up to making your vision a reality. Borg details strategies including identifying ways to profit, understanding how your fan base thinks, and creating goal-oriented marketing plans. There are also lessons on pinpointing the right performance opportunities, how to maximize merch sales, garner radio play and, of course, how to properly use the Internet and social media. And once you start to see results, Borg shows you how to track, analyze and adjust accordingly.


    It's hard to imagine a more in-depth guide for 21st century artists trying to succeed at any level with their music. Music Marketing for the DIY Musician by Bobby Borg is a 300+ page, step-by-step manual to achieving success. Now, that doesn't excuse you from the basics of good musicianship and the ability to craft songs that click with people. For most of us, that's the fun part. It's everything else that comes with being in a band that gets to be a pain. With Bobby Borg and his essential reference guide on your team, you'll be able to create an effective strategy that works for you and your band, and not spin your wheels guessing what works and what doesn't.




    Learn more about Music Marketing for the DIY Musician at halleonard.com

    Read more about the author, Bobby Borg, at bobbyborg.com




     Ara Ajizian, Harmony Central's Editorial Director, has been playing bass and guitar as well as singing since he was 18, and soon that love of music combined with a passion for writing; launching what's now a decade-long career immersed in the gear world. He's thrilled to be back on the Harmony Central team after two years as Managing Editor for Musician's Friend covering gear, bands and events and gigging in the Los Angeles area.




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