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  • Electro-Voice ETX Powered Loudspeaker Series

    By Ara Ajizian |

    Powered speakers come in all shapes, sizes and price points these days, often making it difficult to make a decision when it’s time to outfit your band or venue with a set that will deliver the kind of performance working musicians expect and rely on. Especially when good sound can make or break your livelihood. With that in mind, and an 85-year legacy in audio engineering to back them up, Electro-Voice brings us the new ETX Powered Loudspeaker series.. Designed to satisfy the needs of working professionals, these speakers incorporate copious amounts of power with advanced control and a pro-grade build. It all adds up to an incredibly versatile series that has something for anyone ready to step up their sound into the pro arena.



    The ETX-12P, rear view



    The 3-way ETX-35P adds a 6.5" midrange driver

    What You Need To Know

    • The new ETX Powered Loudspeaker series offers a range of six models: the 2-way ETX-10P (10”), ETX-12P (12”) and ETX-15P (15”); the three-way ETX-35P (15” woofer with an added 6.5” midrange driver); and the ETX-15SP (15”) and ETX-18SP (18”) subs.

    • Full-range models are all equipped with a 1-1/4" titanium compression HF driver

    • All ETX Powered Loudspeakers utilize a Class-D power amplifier, with the subwoofers pushing out 1800W and the full-range models 2000W.

    • The wood enclosures are professional grade in every sense, from the 18mm 13-ply birch construction finished with rugged EVCoat to the die-cast aluminum handles, pole cups and amp chassis.

    • The full-range models are more than suitable for permanent installations, and eight mounting points are provided for such applications.

    • Every component of every ETX Powered Loudspeaker is designed and built by Electro-Voice. That bears repeating: every component of every ETX Powered Loudspeaker is designed and built by Electro-Voice. By maintaining complete control over every aspect and component of the ETX Powered Loudspeaker series, Electro-Voice is able to harness and maximize the power and sound quality from the get-go.

    • 2000 watts is a lot of power, and Electro-Voice has built the ETX Powered Loudspeaker series to maximize efficiency and ensure crystal-clear sound at the high SPLs (up to 135 dB!).

    • The ETX Powered Loudspeaker series is equipped with the same proprietary FIR-Drive filter technology as EV’s concert loudspeakers, which ensures that each speaker component performs optimally under maximum SPLs.

    • Also part of the integrated FIR-Drive system are EV’s PAL and TEMP limiters, which keep the speaker components protected from unwanted peaks and overheating, respectively. And because Electro-Voice builds and designs each component, they can tailor these limiters precisely so they have as much transparency as possible and remain inaudible to listeners.

    • The ETX Powered Loudspeaker series boasts a back-lit LCD display on the back panel for control over DSP and other functions.

    • Several easy-to-understand options will have you set up and sounding great in no time, including presets for optimizing the speaker depending on its position and use (suspended, wall-mounted, as part of an array, etc.).

    • The 3-band parametric Room EQ lets you fine tune the sound even further on the full-range models, while the subwoofers have a single-band of EQ for getting things just right.

    • The subs can also be configured to perform alone, as part of a line array or in a

    —a unique feature that allows for up to -30dB of low-frequency rejection to the rear.


    A behind-the-grille look at the ETX-15SP subwoofer

    • A nice inclusion was the Delay setting, which allows time alignment with other speakers, furthering the series' pro pedigree.


    • Although an exceptional value given what they deliver, the ETX Powered Loudspeaker series may be priced too high for musicians or sound engineers on a tight budget.


    With plenty of less-expensive options out there in the world of powered speakers, and even more in the same price range, the ETX Powered Loudspeaker series from Electro-Voice stands apart thanks to an attention to detail that reflects the company’s 85 years making music sound better for us all. Not only is there ample power, it’s being used to its maximum potential thanks to the integrated FIR-Drive DSP. Careful design and tuning of each component to the others ensures consistent, clear sound even at high SPLs, and keeps your source material honest. Wrap it up in a modern, heavy-duty design that’s built for years of loyal service and you have one of the most formidable speaker options in its class.


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