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  • Roland V-Combo VR-09 Live Performance Keyboard

    By Dave Bryce |

    Roland Redefines Bread and Butter

    By David Bryce



    There is a set of sounds that pretty much every keyboardist needs to have under their fingers in live situations: pianos (acoustic and electric), organs, clavs, strings, brass, bass and a few others. Almost every keyboard player would love to have just one utility keyboard that can provide them a with a really good assortment of those sounds – ideally in an instrument that’s easy to use, doesn’t weigh much, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


    Sounds like too much to ask for? That’s exactly what Roland is after with their V-Combo VR-09.  Just how close to the mark did they hit?

    5318ee91072c0.jpg.0151a0f9fd254cd5f0a771f2199f9772.jpgDavid Bryce is a composer/producer living in Thousand Oaks CA.  Specializing in keyboards and synthesizers, Bryce is also comfortable with guitar, bass, drums…and can sort of play some horns.  He operates his own state of the art professional recording studio, where he does music and audio production, and is also an accomplished voice-over artist, with credits ranging from radio and TV spots in markets across the USA through industrial presentations and computer video games.  He currently plays keyboards for a few LA based bands, and spends a large portion of his days consulting with a variety of professional audio and musical instrument manufacturers.



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    playing an HX3 B3 clone after decades on Hammond - in my opinion the best clone out there bar none.  UHL / MAG organs.  What I need is a really good sound source for bass - including acoustic, EPs and acoustic piano - that will be more or less 1 button controllable for each.  The HX3 will pull midi to the organ keyboards and split, but there are no controls beyond channel setting.  

    Any words of wisdom to p79@shaw.ca?

    btw - I really never have gotten the waterfall keyboard argument.  Supposed to facilitate smears and the like, but from decades of playing I see no difference at all and I use a lot of smears and glisses.  In building my own version of the HX3 before they stopped selling to individuals, I used Hammond console parts, including diving board manuals, because it allowed me to overlap the keyboards 1.5" more making it faster and easier to play.  Just my experience, but see no gain to waterfalls at all.

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