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  • Novation Bass Station II

    By Dave Bryce |

    Novation Returns to Their Roots

    By David Bryce


    Right after Novation began in the early 1990s, the first sound-generating instrument they produced was the now-classic Bass Station keyboard. Sporting the filter from the EDP Wasp designed by Chris Huggett and channeling the popular Roland TB303, the Bass Station quickly became a favorite of the synth community, and has remained their only real analog(ue!) synthesizer…


    …until now.


    Their brand new Bass Station II claims to be a modernized version of their first baby. Did they manage to preserve and/or improve upon the original?

    5318ee934723d.jpg.81817fd2e0318132f0cbb06619440c21.jpgDavid Bryce is a composer/producer living in Thousand Oaks CA.  Specializing in keyboards and synthesizers, Bryce is also comfortable with guitar, bass, drums…and can sort of play some horns.  He operates his own state of the art professional recording studio, where he does music and audio production, and is also an accomplished voice-over artist, with credits ranging from radio and TV spots in markets across the USA through industrial presentations and computer video games.  He currently plays keyboards for a few LA based bands, and spends a large portion of his days consulting with a variety of professional audio and musical instrument manufacturers.


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