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  • Cort B5 Plus AS Electric Bass

    By Chris Loeffler |

    Cort B5 Plus AS Electric Bass

    An instrument that sounds as organic as it looks...


    by Chris Loeffler




    Cort has long held, er, court to fascinatingly, slightly off-kilter takes on traditional guitar and bass shapes, offering features and appointments that appeal to players looking for something just a bit different than the norm. Last year's B5 bass was well received, but feedback led to creating the B5 Plus, which swaps the Bartolini preamp with a Markbass preamp for a superior EQ experience and true passive options.


    What You Need to Know


    • The B5 Plus features a five-piece wenge and rosewood neck with a rosewood fingerboard bolted to a double cutaway, solid swamp ash body in a natural, open-pore finish. It’s so “natural” that the bass actually smelled the like a new acoustic guitar when I first opened the box.
    • The Bartolini MK-1 Pickups and a Markbass MB-1 EQ system are installed, allowing both passive and active performance (as selected by a mini-toggle switch).
    • The natural, unpolished appearance of the wood grain gives it a warm, even, raw look that's mirrored in the instrument's tactile sensation . The lacquer is thin enough that the body's grain can be traced by hand.
    • The B5 Plus is surprisingly loud and bold acoustically; the resonance captured by the body imparts an airy, woody character that carries through into the electronic signal.




    • The Bartolini MK-1 pickups are warm and extremely versatile - a great match for the tone of the swamp ash, and well suited to capturing the instrument's sound. I've previously run into MK-1 pickups (which I believe are passive) that were tied to a proprietary preamp that muddied the tone, so hearing the pickups untethered to the stock preamp in passive mode made it clear how transparent and full-frequency they can be.
    • In active mode, the pickups pass through the Markbass MD-1 EQ system, which is a proprietary active preamp designed by Italian amp and effect maker Markbass. The MD-1EQ is clear and full-bodied, equally adept at chunking up the low end for chugging metal or warm, striking highs. There are separate controls for Bass, Mid, and Treble.
    • To my ears, the passive mode is more vintage and mid-heavy, whereas the active circuitry really livens up the lows and highs - not so much by scooping the mids, but by raising the rest of the frequencies.
    • The Hipshot ultralight tuners made tuning a breeze.






    As any player who plays both passive and active electronics knows, there are some pretty distinct differences that require careful consideration if you intend to bounce between the two modes in a live setting.




    The Cort B5 Plus is a solid, well built-bass that checks every box for what makes a great instrument: tone, tone, and easy to play.




    Cort B5 Plus AS 5-String Electric Bass Product Page


    Buy Cort B5 AS 5-String Electric Bass at Amazon , Ebay, or on Reverb. (MSRP $1,030.00, street $529.99)

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