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  7. AUUUGGGHHH no dance clubs?!?! Hahaha guess I can be okay with that. 😹 Glad you liked it! Since this was a concept album about a breakup, we did decide to focus more on what we wanted to say and how we wanted to say it musically on this album rather than go with what we could replicate live, which was how we wrote our last albums. So, that meant some additional layering, and I broke out my remedial piano skills on a few tunes. We only actually used a guitar as a layer on one song, which was the very ending of "Seven Shades of Hell." Otherwise, it was all basses, including a Fender 6 which we used for overdubs on a few songs just to help those parts stand out sonically from the Rickenbacker. We're really happy with the way it turned out and are glad you liked it! We recorded and mixed it in Sweden and enjoyed our time here so much that we are moving here from the States. Time for a fresh start! ❤️
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  10. Good morning. I've posted a couple other similar questions but wanted to be more pointed. I'm 54, about to embark on my first "solo" quest, doing 2-3 hour acoustic shows. My setlist is here for context on what type of player I am: http://kenlavoie.com/setlist.shtml but without looking at that, I'm very physical and passionate, and need to bang on the guitar a little to get myself "worked up". If I don't I tend to "sing like I talk". I'm not good at "medium" ... all or nothing, haha! That's not to say I can't slow down and pick when I need to (wild horses, the outro to Amie, etc.) I did just order a Gretsch G5420TG-59 for $700 from Sweetwater (it's their "exclusive" though exhaustive research has failed to tell me what's different about it vs. the G5420T). And I already have a nice Taylor 314CE. So maybe I'd use the Gretsch for Creedence, fogarty, stones, and the Taylor for most of the others. But...I love the idea of having a nice hybrid. I'm down to the following and need you guys n' gals to help me decide! There's also a couple questions to round out the discussion. Money is no object except in my mind. It p*sses me off, the thought of paying $2,500 for a T5z. But in the end, I'm 54 years old, and haven't bought a single guitar in 20+ years. 1. Am I right in thinking that even at an acoustic Gig a hollow body elec. like the Gretsch might be a good compromise for doing some rockier songs so I can pull off some nice barre chords and leads, and "chunky" stuff? (always wanted humbuckers as I've been a strat tele man all my life) 2. Taylor T5 or T5z. TONS on ebay for around a grand...too risky? I've heard T5 is "acoustic w/electric add-on" while T5z is "electric with acoustic add-on" and that neither does a GREAT job of duplicating acoustic. BUT....at GC I played a T5z and literally had a hard time leaving without shelling out $2,600. Never heard anything like it, and that's played through a Marshall electric guitar amp! I think "it moved". That's 5 minutes os screwing around though and I'm well aware that it can take a month of sundays to really come to a conclusion. 3. Godin A6 Ultra: This link of comparing the 3 I'm listing says this is the best, https://guitarsonmain.com/blogs/news/hybrid-guitars-1 -- the only drawback is no bridge humbucker. I'm leaning toward risking a few hundred to $1,000 on one of these. Playing one is probably not practical, the nearest big guitar center is 90 minutes away, (GC) and they don't have them in stock. 4. Michael Kelly Hybrid or hybrid 55 (looks like tele). LOVE the sound on videos, has tons of versatility, but again, a "electric with acoustic add-on" and really I want acoustic first, electric second, though as long as I can beat on it without it scaring everyone, AND the action is enough that I can at least bend a string a whole step here and there, I'm happy. 5. esp ltd tl-6 thinline - played one and don't really like it because it feels to "sensitive"...it doesn't have humbuckers, just piezo or whatever, but is thin, but I didn't love the feel. Cheap though, comparitively. 6. Crafter SA or SAT-heard mentioned in forum as choice but don't know anything about them
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