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  2. James Taylor & Tony Bennett - (How to) Put on a Happy Face Just for me (I'd like to think) Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio just played my favorite TONY BENNETT duet, with James Taylor. Their delightful take on PUT ON A HAPPY FACE. James recalls his introduction to the song when his musical Mom took some of the family to see BYE BYE BIRDIE, the original Broadway production. Favorite moment here? When Tony is trying to sing these words and J.T interrupts (at 2:42) with a spoken, “Hey, I knew that girl!” I knew a girl so gloomy – she'd never laugh or sing. She wouldn't listen to me – now she's a mean old thing! The informed introduction is from the late Phil Ramone, producer.
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  4. JAMES TAYLOR - I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face James is slated to return to Winnipeg Canada (his second visit to this city of 700K) in September. Can't wait. Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio just played one of my favorite of his latter-day recordings: the show-stopper from My Fair Lady -- James' Grammy-winning rendition from 'American Standard' (2020). A gorgeous arrangement "for two guitars” by James and his good friend, jazz giant John Pizzarelli. I have four CDs that came with my tickets for the April 2020 show here in Winnipeg but they didn't include this track: It's only on the “Deluxe Edition” for Target Stores which no longer exist here. Acquired for this Canadian by a friend and Sinatra expert “Bob in Boston” where it's good to know I've got a friend. Really, Isn't this luverly?
  5. SAMMY DAVIS JR. / LAURINDO ALMEIDA – Where is Love Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio played this one today -- Sammy Davis Jr., alone together with Laurindo Almeida – the best-known guitarist from Brazil. Which is saying something! There were a bunch of them, including Luiz (Day in the Life of a Fool) Bonfa. Mr. Almeida moved to California so he could be on call – a go-to guitarist -- as when Frank Sinatra's arranger wanted a gut-string (classical), expertly played, on my favorite version of I ONLY MISS HER WHEN I THINK OF HER. A classically-trained finger-style genius, Mr. Almeida got the call for solo accompaniment on Sammy Davis Jr's album of Broadway standards: still my favorite 'human voice and solo guitar' recordings. My all-time favorite 'intimate' rendition of the show-stopper from the English musical OLIVER. [My musical father was there, the week it opened in a theater in London's West End - their 'Broadway'.] Really, how could anyone improve on this?
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  7. I built about a half dozen DIY sound absorption panels for my home studio. I used 1 x 4 lumber to make rectangular frames 48" tall by 16" wide, just the right size to go around batts of 3 inch thick "Roxul" mineral wool insulation. Then I covered the exposed surface of the mineral wool with a layer of polyester quilt batting, then covered the whole mess with gray open weave burlap fabric from a craft store. The individual materials aren't too expensive, but with all the materials needed, it adds up quick. I also bought a cheap pneumatic stapler for attaching the fabric to the frame, which was worth the $25 cost. The best stuff to use is rigid mineral wool or fiberglass insulation board, but it's mostly a commercial product so it isn't sold in home improvement stores. You can order it and have it shipped to you, but because it's so bulky, the freight adds a lot to the cost. By the way, it's almost impossible to "soundproof" a room so that a band playing inside can't be heard outside. What you want is to deaden the flutter echoes, ringing and resonances inside to minimize the weird effects especially on bass frequencies.
  8. "The Banks Of The Ohio" - The Carter Family & Johnny Cash
  9. "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) '- Sly And The Family Stone
  10. If memory serves me correctly, Harmony was Sears' brand that they sold from their catalogs back in the 80s.
  11. Well....after years of being away...I have returned. Looks like LOTS of changes since I was here last. I'm see some of the 'old timers' are still around. 🙂
  12. wontchu takeme2... Geezer Town... wonchutakeme2...
  13. applications? Galactic domination and the end of humanity. Tomorrow the universe. cake...
  14. I'm not sure they really understand how and why it works, they just have a new toy. As to applications?
  15. Just saying I don't understand qubit one about it. I've watched several scifi shows that mentioned or used "time crystals" and never gave a second thought to what those were or how they might work. and 15 points.
  16. Years ago, a band I was in tried the egg carton thing. Didn't help much, if at all.
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  18. I have about 900 sq ft of wall that needs soundproofing. I don’t want to spend the several hunge it would cost to put up professional sound absorption squares. The good ones are expensive and the cheap ones are useless. I bought 4 thick material moving blankets that I hope will help. This is a home studio for rehearsal and some basic recording. I’m old and not looking to be discovered. So it need not be pro stuff have you all used anything else that worked for you?
  19. is that a bit like my random noodling that no energy goes into ?
  20. Trapper Man - Mark Knopfler Almost went with this below. You choose which you want to work off of.
  21. Just read a friend's post below about "Frank Sinatra & Duke Ellington" -- their album together. And as if to say "I hear you," Siriusly Sinatra is playing right this minute my favorite track, INDIAN SUMMER. My favorite 'cause earlier that summer I met Duke Ellington when his band last performed in Ottawa -- shortly before this recording. Mr. Ellington said to me, "There's someone you should meet," and called over Johnny Hodges. I got both their signatures on a photo ripped out of a jazz magazine earlier in the day. Imagine my joy at reading the anecdote about Frank's reaction to Johnny's solo on this song (my all time favorite jazz solo, period!) Turning to Hodges during 'playback' Frank said: "My God, John that's beautiful."
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