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  2. Hiya,, can anyone describe Fernandes's DS 1 & SH 2 pups for me? I know one's probably a double HB-like, & the other a single coil, but anything decent that don't need replacing? Many thanks
  3. Different tools for different jobs. Which is a better tool? Phillips head screw driver or vise grips? Depends on if you're doing wiring or plumbing. I've got a Comanche, which is great for what it is, but it won't replace or come near a Gretsch hollow body if I want that sound.
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  5. I know now. the cabinet knows if its a combo or a head that its connected to.
  6. Dude.... it's a 12 year old thread....?
  7. We'd need more information to have any chance of telling you how old your guitar is. Pictures would also be helpful. BTW, welcome to Harmony Central.
  8. So I bought this Fernandes tele. Freakin love it! Sounds beautiful! However, I need to know how old this bad boy is.Since everyone says the older ones had serial numbers, but on the neck plate, Iā€™m a little confused.. Mines on the headstock? Help if you can guys/gals. Appreciate it!
  9. I got exhausted just looking at everything. Much thanks Phil.
  10. Pace yourself! It's a marathon, not a sprint!
  11. I've got about two hundred or so pictures left to post, but I really need to take a break for a bit. Stay tuned - more to come!
  12. Old School straps from Ernie Ball Tagima guitars...
  13. Thanks Jeff! Alvarez... Eventide... Got Cymbals? Sabian does! Hagstrom... Ibanez...
  14. I agree, also, I'd like to say thanks for the coverage you provide. The other sources I view tend to all report the same thing, and each year I look forward to your coverage. You don't need to write a review of everything, just take and post a picture (like you do). Anyway, thanks for the coverage!
  15. These diffusers appeared to be plastic at first glance, but when I picked one up and looked, I noticed that they are apparently some kind of ceramic, and quite heavy... Hofner... I think this was over in the Hal Leonard booth... Gretsch drums... Mapex...
  16. Are you still making pups? Price for a set of singles that would fit my 2015 Classic Vibe 60s? I play atmospheric blues.
  17. For some reason, I decided to get a photo of the convention center carpeting - probably because I'm an amateur astronomer, and it kind of reminded me of Messier 24 - the Sagittarius Star Cloud. These 3DIO binaural mics are pretty darned cool, and surprisingly affordable - at least for the base and mid-level models. If you opt for the DPA capsules, it's going to cost more. Does anyone still use cork for studio acoustic treatment? Apparently so...
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  19. Pedal Pods My Case Builder offers customized foam case inserts for your gear.
  20. Novation... Softube's new Console 1 Fader to go along with the original Console 1 knob-rich control surface looks very cool. Roland and Boss... This Roland GPX-F1 Facet grand piano was rather futuristic looking. Blue microphones
  21. Arturia... The new Arturia KeyStep Pro adds considerably to the original KeyStep, including four polyphonic sequencers... Serato...
  22. Avalon Designs... Universal Audio unveiled Luna... More old-school stuff on display... UA giving their presentation... with one of the convention center's eateries in the background. Some of the Luna bullet points... More Cordoba...
  23. More Guild guitars... Cordoba... and yes, I always say it with a Ricardo Montalban accent... Soft Corinthian leather strap not included. People of a certain age will understand... Mix With The Masters booth... in this case, the master giving the presentation / talk is Andrew Scheps. AMS / Neve
  24. Latin Percussion (LP) My daughter wants a djembe... Out of sequence Guilds...
  25. And the man behind Ocean Way, legendary engineer / producer Allen Sides Q-Up Arts. Why? Because surfboards. šŸ‘£ šŸ–ļøšŸļøšŸ„ā€ā™€ļøšŸ„ā€ā™‚ļø šŸŒŠ Amphion More Audio Scape... And more from Ovation... The Applause nylon string caught my eye...
  26. Warm Audio was showing their new Bus Comp and direct boxes at the show... Ocean Way Audio...
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