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  2. Top shape wise, with the Florentine cutaway, yeah, but the AK is a true hollowbody jazz box. Which is why it has the floating wood bridge....unlike our ES-135s which are semis with much thinner bodies.
  3. There is definitely a difference in where you live, and who you play for. I moved to SW Florida because the music business was good. Not just the beach/tiki bars, but there are thousands of mobile home parks down here. Every park has a hall. Every one books entertainment weekly for parties. They sell tickets for these parties and book you many months, and even years ahead. On average, there are between 150-300 people at each party. Tickets are usually between $5-10. The hours are great (6-9 or 7-10pm) They pay 500-800 a gig. Plus, they book you any day of the week because they are all retired (everyday is a Saturday night). Problem is, they are at least 60 yrs old. When I first moved here, I started out playing local bars and making $100-150 for 4 hours and playing outside in the Florida heat and humidity. It was tough playing these venues 4-5 days a week. Then, I started being asked to play these Mobile Home Parks, RV Resorts, Country Clubs, and a few Elks clubs. Once I got my foot in the door of these venues, it took off to the point I gave up all bar gigs. So, I put all my eggs in one basket. I play these venues because it is nice. It has been working great for the last 18 years. The problem with the covid virus is, it effects this crowds age bracket (60+ yrs old) They are in the age range that this virus really kicks their ass. So, those jobs are not going to come back any time soon as long they are at risk. They aren't going to go anywhere because of the risk. And they aren't going to come down to Florida if there are no activities. And finally, since I am 60+ and have asthma, I don't want to play outside for a bunch of 20 to 35 yr somethings that are spreading the virus and don't care.
  4. Fauci contradicts the president frequently. As Notes pointed out, the "best" response is going to evolve as we learn more about the disease. The time to really worry is when we stop learning more about it because it will indicate that we've lost.
  5. Actually, you may have been right the first time Notes - there were health experts and scientists saying that people should "presume" COVID-19 is airborne at least as early as April; that was based in part on a New England Journal of Medicine study that showed that the coronavirus could stay suspended in the air for up to three hours - findings which the WHO dismissed / disagreed with. And just this morning I read an article about over 200 scientists who have written the WHO to disagree with them regarding their position re: aerosol transmission of the disease.
  6. Lovely guitar. Ibanez knows their stuff. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. Mask the fret so you don't take a chance of marring the wood and use very fine steel wool with minimal pressure. One of those multi sided nail shaping/filing blocks works too.
  7. Ouch...that stings! 😛
  8. The Boomerang is a nice unit, but took up way too much pedal board space for my rig...and they are pricey [now about $500?]. On the plus side, if you use MIDI, the sync function is perfect, as is the MIDI start/stop. I think of the 'Rang' as the Hummer of loopers and the Ditto as the HR-V.😉 As I mentioned, you need to have your timing spot on to effectively use a looper, especially if, like I was, you are using a drum machine, or pre-recorded tracks.
  9. Mikeo


    Enjoy. Kind of remind me of my Gibson ES 135.
  10. Then that stain will be gone! (The inlays looks like something out of The Lord of the Rings ffs...magic {censored} indeed!). I haven't watched the video yet...Will have a look when my new guitar gets tired...
  11. I tried to do looping some 15 years ago. Started with a Boomerang +. Like this. And a Roland RC 20. I guess some folks do it well, but not me. I would never have the volume right on the Boomerang and there's no click track, when you off, you are off. There's an undue some where on the Rang. I was dancing around like a baboon. For me John Lee Hooker did the drum beat box right. No looper though. I'd spend a bit more than 200, but that's just me. Try one of the Roland, TC Electronics Ditto for under $200.
  12. If a disease were to actually ravage a population, that would be a terrible thing. But it would be even worse if it ravaged The Young and the children versus ravaging those already close to death. And I say that as someone that is close to death. I would happily take one as opposed to let that one be aimed at one of my grandchildren.
  13. Happy NGD! Enjoy! a moment of steel wool application and that spot should be gone. Floating bridges are a PITA, but you can pin the base in place...I'm would not do exactly what this guy did, I would use something like a small roll pin rather than nails, and even he admits he should have taped the bridge down for the transfer of the holes...I would have drilled through just to mark the points, then removed the bridge, drilled, installed the pins and then put the bridge back...he spends way too much time fussing with those nails, IMHO
  14. Blood stain....Yep, exactly!
  15. Congrats! That's a fine looking geetar! I wouldn't worry about the little fret blemish if you can't feel it. Make up a little story, like that's where you knocked out a guy's tooth in a bar fight. 😀
  16. Oh..I forgot to mention...I was like a kid at Christmas!! 😝
  17. Anyone who has glanced at the other threads I started recently will know that I was tempted by a no-name Les,Paul copy for $150. In the end, I found someone who had a hollow-body Ibanez AK-95 that he was looking to swap, and I had a folk guitar too many (if that concept really exists 😯)...so we swapped then today! I have just spent far too much time on Youtube figuring out how to adjust intonation once the "floating" saddle fell off when I removed the strings! (dumbass the concept is right there in the name! 😕). It's a very interesting second electric guitar. In the second photo you can see a small rust-spot on one of the frets (i can see it, but can't feel it when I touch it)...should I bother trying to get that off?
  18. Yes, I understand how the sound of a guitar can be appreciated (or not!) by different people...personally I have a,LOT of trouble enjoying metal sounds (retches silently) 😶). And most of what people are saying applies equally well to acoustics. What I meant if particular was "How much of the sound that first video link I posted comes NOT (really) from the guitar, but from the amp/pedals (because they all sound fine to me!
  19. Uh... You guys know that the pedal only works with the frequencies it's given, right? It's not an octave pedal (which works JUST FINE with guitar amps) so it's not adding any bass frequencies that aren't already in the guitar's signal. The difference between an envelope filter for guitar and one for bass is the Q and the sweep, basically. It doesn't add any frequencies on the low end. Looking at the exact pedal in question it looks like what they did is take a regular guitar envelope filter (auto wah), tweak the frequency response a little, and add dry and effected mix knobs. An envelope filter basically does the same thing as a wah. You know how many guitarists like bass wahs and don't hurt anything?
  20. How in the hell do you think this is good news?
  21. That seems like an awful lot of gear to haul, on top of what you'll need to actually perform. I do agree it will set you apart from the folks who don't have lighting, but I would try to us less and get more out of it....[I have a much smaller lighting set up than you, and even at that, I use about 1/3 of what I could, all to good effect.] I suggest you experiment with setting everything up, not just the lights, but the whole performance rig, and see how long it takes to put up/tear down, because that time cuts into your pay and your energy level. Then start removing, repositioning, 'working' the colors until you get the most out of the least. Do you bring your own backdrop? I won't comment on the color scheme, especially adding amber to the face, without knowing what your complexion is.
  22. It would depend exactly what you intend to do with the looper. Pretty much any looper will allow you to layer loops, so the what else do you want it to do? I did a lot of research on them years ago when they were just getting traction, and I have both a Ditto and an RC-30. I rarely use the RC-30 now, although I bought it because it did so many things I thought I needed at the time, like storing tons of loops. I am considering selling both to finance an Aeros...but I likely will just keep the Ditto, as I find I'm using looping less and less in my solo act...hard to justify upgrading to the new state of the art when you don't use it... I would suggest get the Ditto or Ditto + [note: buy used] and learn the tricks, get the feel [your sense of timing is absolutely crucial with loopers] and then if you feel you need more features, put the Ditto on Reverb.com and 'upgrade' to a Ditto x2, x4, RC-30, Line 6 JM4 or Jam-man.
  23. I'm going to guess that they can't get re-supplied from China where they likely get their parts.
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