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  2. This is the single low G replacement: https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-acslwg-1.html
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  4. I've been looking for a 2x10" baffle for my 65 deluxe reverb. No luck. Where did you find one ?
  5. Added voice to ukulele first day, first chords learned... (beware!!) Recording quality is not good... (Integrated mic of Ipod or Ipad).
  6. thank you for your prompt reply as usual I'm trying to find a new something to support a local business, Mikeo knows of them... Usually I'd go there and play and cash and carry but... This s$it like a bad nightmare... seems they have a couple of decent Yamaha nylons too my limited experience with Yamaha acoustics was positive, but long ago...123
  7. I've got very little personal experience with Cordoba guitars, although I have a couple of friends who own one of their instruments and they speak pretty highly of them. I think that, based on what they've said, Cordoba makes pretty nice classical guitars, especially in their price ranges. IOW, don't expect them to be a Ramirez or something like that, but they're reportedly good guitars for the money.
  8. any feedback on classical guitar
  9. Yamama

    Randy Rhoads!

    Just came across this while searching for any other even slightly intelligent that agree to the inescapable fact that ozzy was in fact a giant poser. Really if you listen to interviews with iommi and butler as well, they blame the record company for the perception that they were satanists. Sorry, dudes but when your album cover art includes inverted crosses, demons, pentagrams and 666 (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath), kinda hard to agree. They played along with their own little marketing ploy and then seemed so genuinely appalled when the public made these obvious inferences and reacted accordingly. No doubt some of the most influential rock ever but they were and are {censored}ing posers. Cash in but deny the image that they themselves created and perpetuated. Definition of posers.
  10. Thank’s for that info too! I know nothing about Ukulele strings! The uke came with Aguila Super Nylgut strings. The strings are still too new to stay in tune but it gets better everyday!
  11. saw Tears for Fears in Poughkeepsie circa 1992 good show!
  12. What’s a Tama swingstar set made in 1985 in Japan worth??
  13. dresser yes like almost looks like matching toolboxes, cases, suitcases except for color
  14. raise action way up unless have a fine touch a guitar with a effed up neck but sounds good a heavy sparkplug socket etc. glass pottery
  15. If it were me I'd put a fresh set of these on: https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-aclwg.html https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-86u.html https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-113u.html They used to sell the low G strings separately.
  16. They say the bass line was a PPG Wave, plus the Prophet 5 for the synth brass sound. Thanks for the link!
  17. IIRC, they used a Jupiter 8 (or was it a Prophet 5?) on that track...
  18. Yup... slide is deeply personal. Bonnie Raitt wears hers on her “F-u” finger” (her words, not mine) while Duane Allman wore his on his on his ring finger, and others wear theirs on their pinkie...and of course there is also a wide range of slide material and positioning preferences too. There is no “right” way to play slide guitar IMO. Having said that, I use a vintage Coricidin bottle, and wear it on my ring finger, the way God and Duane Allman intended.
  19. Ok, cool. Thanks daddymack and mrbrown49. Your replies were very helpful. lol @ 1001gear. That's funny stuff.
  20. That is a question I had in mind: can we put a lower (thicker) string on any ukulele or only on certain ones?
  21. This vintage ukulele has lots of mojo!! Very cool!!
  22. I did not know about her! Thank you for the info, I will listen to her!
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