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My 10 Favorite Boutique Pedalboard Companies

Why be normal? These pedalboard companies aren't...


by Monique Hernandez-Fuentes




The pedal industry is thriving with new releases all the time. But when it comes to displaying your large Strymon (or whatever!) collection, hauling them all around individually seems silly. Check out the list below for my ten favorite boutique pedalboard companies, and get inspired to organize your pedals!


West Coast Pedal Boards - based out of Northern California, West Coast Pedal Board sources as many of their components and materials from the U.S. as possible. They offer an online Pedal Board Customizing Tool, which lets you build the custom pedalboard of your dreams. Their boards include special angled boards, flat boards, pedal demo boards and even their signature "Little Rock" series. Make your own custom board as wild or as mild as you'd like - choose from tolex, figured wood or even tie-dye boards. Complement your board with a matching case or optional flight case.



Trailer Trash Pedalboards - headquarted in Southern California, Trailer Trash Pedalboards makes four general shapes: the FlatTrash, the FlatTrash with Riser, ProSeries and the awesome GlowTop pedalboards. They make completely hard-wired boards, and take pride in wiring their boards professionally. The result is a high-quality pedalboard with total sonic clarity - and man, those GlowTop boards look pretty sweet.



Temple Boards - Temple Boards use a cutting-edge, modern design with an awesome system for easily installing your pedals that they call the Quick Release Mounting System. This system is great for those who hate the mess and annoyance of Velcro®. Also highly convenient is their Temple Modular End Panel System, which provides fully interchangeable connectivity. Optimized for constantly evolving board configurations. "Tetris-ing" your pedals has never been simpler.



Creation Music Company - over in Bixby, Oklahoma, the cool folks at Creation Music Company not only have angled and flat pedalboards, they recently created the unique laser toppers for ultimate customization of your wah/volume pedals. They're even experimenting with pedal storage via the addition of the clever “pedal wall” to their product line – a neat way to store your Velcro’d pedals when not in use on your board!



Chemistry Design Werks - these folks over in Minneapolis, MN have created a unique pedalboard experience. The Holeyboard Design allows you to affix your pedals quickly and easily with zip ties, so there's no need for Velcro. The angled riser (the “Top Deck”) allows for reaching your back row pedals without a lot of footwork, not to mention ease of storage for your power supply right underneath. The board also features three integrated handles for ease of movement no matter where your gig is. The board's design follows the arc of your foot, so the design is intuitive and also looks great.



Aclam Guitars - made in Barcelona, these anodized aluminum boards are lightweight and can be upgraded easily to suit your growing pedal collection. Using their Fastener System, it's easy to add or subtract pedals with a simple screw gesture. You can use different accessories for each pedal board they offer to keep expanding even further, whether you want to add a riser or even add an extension



GroundSwell Pedalboards - hailing from Gainesville, FL, the GroundSwell pedalboard collection includes simple, beautifully designed wood boards. Wood base customization options consist of oak, walnut, curly maple, mahogany, red padauk, butternut, cherry, wenge and zebrawood with natural, jet black, and rustic ebony board plating.



Helweg Design - from Lawrence, Kansas, Helweg presents a unique design, the Openwing Series, for easy pedal arranging. The wing slots function as handles and allow for patch connections as well as instrument cables. The electronic components mount into metal, not wood, for reliable support. And customization options are available: choose from industrial textured upholstery or woven vinyl coverings. With a low profile front row, you should have no problem accessing all of your pedals.



Schmidt Array - innovative German design makes the Schmidt Array pedal boards really stand out. Based on an arched shape, the board also has a hinged top deck, allowing for careful storage of your power supply. Color options seem limitless, and there’s even a handy additional lid for the case available to match the sleek design of the board.



Phantom Pedal Boards - simple yet functional is the name of the game with Phantom Pedal Boards. Phantom uses a classic slanted board that comes in a variety of sizes, complete with custom spec’d tolex wrappings of your choice. More recently, they've experimented with integrating a BOSS TU-3 Tuner and NS-2 Noise Suppressor seamlessly into the pedalboard. Can’t wait to see more of their active-circuit pedalboard integration in the future!


Once you have the pedalboard of your dreams, congratulations! If you need help organizing your pedal chain, Guitar Tricks has you covered with this introductory tutorial. Happy pedalling! -HC-


Reprinted with express written permission






Monique Hernandez-Fuentes writes for GuitarTricks.com, home to 11,000 guitar lesson videos, free guitar chord charts, an interactive forum and more.

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westcoastpdlbrd  |  April 25, 2017 at 8:58 am
Thank you Monique, and Harmony Central for putting this article together...  🖤
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