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  • Dear Musician - Music Migration

    And we’re not going south…

    By Dendy Jarrett | (edited)


    Back in early June, planning began to move Harmony Central to an all new platform. This was not a flippant decision. If you’ve been a member of our community, you know that out of the history of platform migrations, only one of them wasn’t a disaster.


    In my June 10th Dear Musician – Sometimes Change is Good!, I explain a lot of the reasons behind our upcoming changes.


    These changes are expected to take place between now and the end of August. We ask for your patience as we merge the platform and while we work tirelessly to have a minimal outage and still keep HC feeling like that old “hang” to which you are accustomed.


    It also seems fitting that we do this at this time of year. The birds will start migrating soon as they fly south for the fall and winter season. This time of year really brings music to the forefront of my mind because when I was a teen, music was so influential. This time of year marked the end of summer vacation and the return to marching band, school prep and a final nod to summer. It was music that kept me grounded during these times of change.


    To that point, it seems that we all (and especially musicians) go through seasons of music migration. Most musicians like a pretty wide variety of musical genre. If you are like me, you go through swings of music migration. You may be in a period of time when you are listening to a lot of 70s music, and then will find yourself in 80s mode. I even find in my music migration that I drift between music genres as well. I may be in an R&B mode for a while, and then go into a FM power rock mood…heck, even Jazz!


    As the days start to grow shorter and the birds start to migrate, please reflect on the power of music in your life. Pass it on to others. There is way too much negative in the world these days (it seems), and music can wash away the stain of a great deal of that disdain.


    And as we migrate Harmony Central, please allow us a little forgiveness, as our goal overall is to provide a better experience for you. –HC-





    Dendy Jarrett is the Publisher and Executive Director of Harmony Central. He has been heavily involved at the executive level in many aspects of the drum and percussion industry for over 25 years and has been a professional player since he was 16. His articles and product reviews have been featured in InTune Monthly, Gig Magazine, DRUM! and Modern Drummer Magazines.


    Edited by Dendy Jarrett

    Sub Title: And we’re not going south…

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    Well, if I was a betting man I'd have to let the odds set the opening wager. Intent not being in question; results have set the bar to-date.  The good people then versus the good people now, being on a par for intent and commitment, communicated near identical messages prefacing the past transitions they ended up grappling with after the fact.


    I would think at this juncture that thinking is no longer needed because a proven application is well in hand.  I implemented a known performance  and feature-full application based upon the (hyperbole) advice of a company only to find out right before launch that I was getting only a fraction of the power and features previously shilled, for a mere 1/4-Mil. I ended up with a decent application but nowhere near the power that same money was supposed to buy. And, it was and still is loaded with errors that were misinterpretted at the flow-charting R&D stage that got bundled into that I have to pay to correct. My fault, I should have been involved at every stage of the programming. Has HC been involved throughout or just hanging its hat on promises?


    I wish you (us) luck.



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    IMHO. Don't worry about preserving 'the old hang'. Just update it and make it modern. Being usable on tablets and phones would be nice too. Going on this site makes me feel like I'm traveling back into time.  Personally I don't care about preserving tenure,  post count, past posts, or anything. I'm willing to completely start over.

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