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    The Nashville Drum Show Report- 2014

    By Dendy Jarrett |


    Nashville Drum Show — 2014

    A walk through drum heaven

    by Dendy Jarrett






    The Nashville Drum Show was held in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds on September 20th and 21st.  The official attendance record had not been released at the time of publication, but I can tell you that “officially” the place was packed!





    The Nashville Drum Show started in 1996 as a small drum collectors’ get-together. It has grown into a great show with something for all drummers to enjoy. It has a professional “swap-meet” feel but, oh, so much more.

    This show was started by Not So Modern Drummer founder John Aldridge and grew until John moved to Oklahoma in 2002.

    In 2009, George Lawrence, Drummer for the band Poco, and former owner of George’s Drum Shop became the publisher of Not So Modern Drummer and resurrected the show. It bounced to Ohio for a short time, but in 2012 the show returned to Nashville and to its new home - the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

    George Lawrence — 


    THE SHOW- 2014


    I’ve lived in Nashville for many years but had never made it to this show, so I was going with no preconceived notions or expectations.

    As I walked through the doors, it was immediately like I entered the pearly gates of “drum heaven.”

    Vintage and historic drums were everywhere. I’m 51, so everywhere I turned there was something taking me down memory lane.


    Yes, there was a fair share of used and somewhat abused drums, but what stunned me were the great examples of like-new vintage gear. One of my biggest regrets as a drummer came in 1980. I found a 1964 Ludwig Jazzette kit still in the boxes at a local church and paid $200 for it. I later traded that kit for a brand new Pearl rack when they were first introduced. STUPID MOVE!


    Not only were there tons of vintage gear at the show, but also new gear from the great companies you see all the time. There were also some really cool, innovative and interesting boutique companies that were represented, as well.



    Below is a gallery of shots of some great people and gear from the show:


     (left to right) Bun E CarlosKat Almlie and George Lawrence



    Carolina Classics had a tremendous and clean offering of vintage drums: Carolina Classics, Bob Saull - Charlotte, NC. - a great example of the booths at the show.


    I was awestruck by this beautiful Camco kit he had in his booth!



    Some other great vintage shots:

    A Leedy Parade Drum:


    A Ludwig Kit Identical to the kit I got started playing the drums on. What a walk down memory lane:


    Glenn Noyes (Guitar Center) poses in front of a set of drums from the KIss era! (Classic)


    Beat Boogie's booth is a great example of some of the custom boutique drums that were represented at the show:



    Outlaw Drums out of Georgia had kits made from reclaimed antique wood. One of my favorites was this kit made from reclaimed antique heart pine from a warehouse in Georgia. They were great sounding and looking as well as environmentally friendly:


     Mr. Fred Gretsch and yours truly standing in front of a new Gretsch kit with a real vintage feel:


     Innovative Companies like Drumnetics were there who had these great pedals that utilize magnets for their smooth feel. No resistance whatsoever and the hihat while minimalist was one of the best I've ever played:


    Rich Wiley from Booty Shakers:


    My kids vote for the best named product in the drum industry! (Mark Wanko and Ken Brophy from Drum Boogers)


    For the rest of the Gallery, go to the Harmony Central Drum Forum - thread: The Nashville Drum Show



    Or maybe it’s not a wrap! The Nashville Drum Show is becoming as popular as some long-lived shows like the Chicago Drum Show. It is easy to boast about the show because I live in Nashville and am biased, but Nashville is so centrally located in the US that it makes getting here quite convenient. Also, the town is loaded with great drummers, so what a great place to have a show about drums! The show was a rousing success, and I will be sure to make The Nashville Drum Show a regular visit in the future.





    WEBSITE: The Nashville Drum Show

    ABOUT THE SHOW: More info specifically about the show

    2014 EXHIBITORS:


    Amedia Cymbals
    AFM Local 257
    Artisan Drum Works
    Aspen Shaker
    Auralex Acoustics
    Baker Drums – Billy Baker
    Beat Boogie Quality Custom Drums
    Bello Drums
    Big Fat Snare Drum Mute
    Bill Pace Vintage
    Box Kit Cajons
    Brian Hill Rope Drums & Museum
    Bum Wrap Drum Company
    Carolina Classics – Bob Saull Vintage
    Carolina Drumworks
    Castle Drum Company
    Chicago Drum and Restoration
    Christopher Williams - KISS Drums
    Consignments (10% fee if it sells)
    Cowpaddy Triggers
    Evans, ProMark, PureSound
    David Vanover Vintage
    David Lee Drums
    DaVille Drumworks
    Denny Dixon Vintage
    Drugan’s Drums Vintage
    Drum Boogers
    Drum Pickers Vintage
    Drum Supply House
    Drum Room Marketing
    Drum Workshop
    DrumForum.org,  Bun E. Carlos
    DTS Custom Snare Drums
    Dynamicx Drums USA, Black Swamp
    Earnest Tubz Vintage
    Jack Propps and Dan Armstrong
    Eccentric Systems
    Eric Malinowski - Vintage Display
    Famous Drum Company
    Fork’s Drum Closet
    Gary Astridge RingosBeatleKits.com
    Gary Bender’s Drum Factory vintage
    Goodman Drum Company
    Gretsch Drums
    Hal Leonard Corporation
    Headhunters Drumsticks
    Holloman Custom Drums
    Infinity Drumworks
    Innovative Percussion
    Joe Ciucci - Vintage Display
    Joe Mekler - Vintage Display
    Ken Anderson Vintage
    Klash Drums
    Laudo Drums
    Ludwig Drums
    Mapex Drums
    MO Drumsticks
    Nashville Drum Show Merchandice
    Nashville Drummers in the Round
    Not So Modern Drummer Merchandise
    Outlaw Drums
    Pearl Drums
    Phil Wilson Vintage
    Randy Rainwater, Bun E Carlos Vintage
    Rat Rod Drums - Paul Milkovich
    Rathkamp Drums
    RCD Drums Rudy Gonzales Vintage
    Roll-it-Ups Drumstick Bags
    Russell’s Music World Vintage & Retail
    Serco Percussion
    Sleishman Drums, Mothertone USA
    Snare Drum Olympics
    SPF Drums Steve Furcinitti
    Stone Custom Drums
    Sugar Percussion
    Swindoll Custom Drums
    T&R Products – Booty Shakers
    Taye Drums
    Texas Vintage Drums
    Tycoon Percussion
    U.S. Drum Supply
    Yamaha Drums




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    Dendy Jarrett is the Publisher and Director of Harmony Central. He has been heavily involved at the executive level in many aspects of the drum and percussion industry for over 25 years and has been a professional player since he was 16. His articles and product reviews have been featured in InTune Monthly, Gig Magazine, DRUM! and Modern Drummer Magazines.



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