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Community Voice - 2018 Review

It takes a village...



by Team HC



Community Voice has become a regular part of Harmony Central's Make Better Music in 2018. These articles are submissions from Harmony Central community members as well as editors who are aligned with our mission of inspiring people to make better music.

Presenting in review, the Community Voice contributions for 2018:



January 15th 2018      

Rabbit Hole FX - Factory Visit

Run, Rabbit, Run!




February 12, 2018    

Drummer Andrew Hurley

Going the distance to live the mania ...




February 26, 2018   

Life Throws a Fastball

And twenty years of pain …




April 9, 2018  

Improving the Sound of Your Room with Acoustic Treatment

Great gear is only part of what you need for great sound!




May 7, 2018   

Seeing Shapes and Patterns

And I'm not referring to a parallelogram...




May 7, 2018   

Dusky Electronics - a Tone Seeker by Night

One of these things is not like the others...




June 18, 2018   

How Electronic Drums Are Changing the Drumming World

You may be assimilated!




July 30, 2018       

Komet Amps - a Factory Visit

Lighting Up The Sky...




August 13, 2018           

Surviving Your Next Jam Session

Remaining calm, cool, and collected ...




August 27, 2018     

Why Every Guitarist Should Play the Ukulele

They're way more than a novelty!



September 10, 2018       

A Lesson in Sequence and Rhythmic Variation

Because sometimes it's good to mix it up!




September 24, 2018    

Spicing up Your Drum Set with Electronic Elements

Add a new world of sounds to your kit




October 8, 2018     

Trevor Larkin - the Happy Nomad Guitarist is Stone Rollin'

It’s a cliche╠üto say that we’re all basically the same, but it’s true...




October 22, 2018     

Getting the Most out of Your Piano Practice

Don't confuse "playing" with "practice"




November 5, 2018     

A Visit with Greer Amplification

Athens roots...and Lightspeed ahead...




November 19, 2018   

The Full-Time Musician

"Don't You Have a 'Real' Job?"



December 3, 2018     

Permutations of Chord Tones

Bass Players - buckle up for a mind blowing ride...



We'd like to thank all of the Community Voice contributors for 2018!  -HC-

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