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5 Ways To Save On Your Next Electric Guitar

 Use the savings to buy two guitars!


by Sarah Jacobs



Every serious guitarist worth his or her salt knows that having a backup electric guitar is a must especially if you gig or tour often. Strings can snap in the middle of a performance (and it probably has happened to you once or twice, to your embarrassment) and if you don’t have a backup guitar ready, you let the audience, your bandmates and yourself down--because you know it’s bound to happen but did nothing. Which is why you’re now looking for another gig-worthy axe.


Or maybe you just want a shiny new electric guitar to fiddle with and practice on. But with money still in limited supply, you’re not even sure you’ll have Guitar No. 2 in your possession anytime soon. Well, whatever your budget is we’re sure you can find a good instrument for your purposes. To help you along, here are some of the best ways to get a good bargain and save money on your next electric guitar.


Shop Around

Do some virtual window shopping and check out online music stores, buying guides, manufacturer websites, guitar sites and Harmony Central articles and  forums, Facebook groups and other websites to get an idea of the current market for electric guitars. A local music shop may be having a sale or someone’s neighbor may be selling off an old Tele you can fix up. Take note of and compare the prices new, discounted and used on the guitar that you’re eyeing so you can determine if a listing is a good deal or not.


Buy Secondhand

Yes, you can get exactly what you want for less if you don’t mind buying used. You can buy a time-worn Fender, change the strings, do a few adjustments here and there, clean it up a bit, all for a lot less than buying new. You can see a lot of great deals on secondhand electric guitars on auction sites and other selling platforms like eBay and Craigslist--just make sure to do a background check on the seller (eBay displays seller ratings to make things easier for you).


Consider Refurbished

Online music stores would often have a section listing refurbished instruments or instruments with cosmetic flaws that are so minor you really won’t mind them. Items in this section are sold for less than the original price, so this is also a good place to start if you want to save money on your next electric guitar. Cosmetic issues don’t affect playability, plus the guitar is probably going to get used and abused anyway.


Just Ask

Sometimes you have to dig for information yourself. Use the power of your social media network to inquire about any electric guitars being put up for sale, or if there’s anyone willing to part with their old guitar. You can also post a wanted ad or make a Looking For/LF post in guitar forums, Facebook groups and music forums. You just might get lucky.



Lastly, if you want to save more, offer a lower price for the guitar. Many online sellers and even established music shops may be open to price negotiations when they see you’re really a serious buyer. Good luck! -HC-




Sarah Jacobs is a music blogger with a particular focus on guitars and
ukuleles. She has been blogging for the past three years and is always
looking for new ways to save on instruments and equipment. When not
writing, Sarah enjoys taking her two dogs on long walks and traveling to
new exotic locations.

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YouGotMeOnMyKneesLayla  |  May 30, 2018 at 4:08 am
Please help.
I am new in guitars, especially electric. I just wanna know what guitar is good for me to learn. I had my eyes on les pauls coz it is my dream guitar but I need you guys to tell me something about learning electric and tips and other stuffs.
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