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Trace Elliot Commando 15
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 6th, 2003
by Chris-4p4ZD
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Sound Quality
I use an Ibanez Soungear 885 with active pickups and find that I have almost too much control over the sound than what I should have considering there is no whatever-band eq on the amp. As said before, this amp can find a beautiful clean tone live for melodic sections while on the same sound chunk out the bottom end of a heavier section without any mud or fuzz. Its great for rehearsals because of its versatility of tone, and suits just about any style from bluesy/jazzy stuff to death metal balls and chunk. I find that if you try to push the gain too hard at high volumes, you do experience a little distortion, but not enough to call noise. This can even be used to your benefit. This amp has a very clean sound at nearly all levels of volume and can be boosted in the mid range to cut through a mix without experiencing any tone probs.
This amp I have owned now for about 3 years, and I must say that if you could ever find another one as tough as this I'd be surprised. Let me fill you in on the beating I have given this amp over the years. I have: - dropped it several times in transit, sometimes from greater heights than others. - burnt the outer covering without realising. No damage at all that affected the amp's usage. Just a scar on the top of it. - blown it up with fireworks recently when some idiot decided fireworks were fun in the middle of the bands equipment. No noticable damage. - dropped it down a flight of concrete stairs with no damage. This amp is like the T-1000 of bass amps. There is no destroying it. Believe me, I would've done it by now. Never needed repairs.
General Comments
I have been playing six years. I think if this amp were stolen or lost I would probably get something else, but only because of the opportunity to upgrade. I havent needed to yet, so why bother? I love the tone, I love the durability. My only gripe is that it needs side handles because the top handle is a bitch to carry, even though it doesnt weigh too much. After all we're musicians - laziness is out trademark.
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