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Trace Elliot Commando 15
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 25th, 2002
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
I use this with a yamaha passive 4 string with 2 single coils, a westfield acoustic 4 string with some microphone type thing and a jackson active 5 string with 2 huge soap-bar humbuckers and a full 3 band S.Duncan EQ. They all sound great through this amp - you can push them as loud as you like (and believe me, this goes LOUD) and there's no distortion or farting. The amp itself does hummmm a little, but this doesn't increase when you wind the vloume up, so it's of no real consequence. Some people won't like this amp at all because the fully solid state construction means that distortion is completely out of the question. For my purposes, however, that's great! A bass shouldn't distort, and it pisses me off when they do! I play classic rock and metal, and it all benefits from the nice clean, warm but punchy bass that this amp delivers. I'm gonna give it a 10, cos this is /my/ review, not yours! If you want to play distortion bass, however, consider this rating a 1 (or you could go buy a Boss ODB-3 and whack it in the effects loop i guess).
No tubes really seems to mean no maintenance under normal circumstances. I've carried this beast round in my car and it's had a real go at killing the suspension, but the amp is fine! I don't think it'd break unless you did something fairly radical to it, and i've played gigs with it and not even thought to have a backup amp. I pretty much trust it completely. Coming up 2 years of faultless service - i'd say that's a 10.
General Comments
Overall, this is a great amp for playing very loud and clean yet warm bass. It's built like a tank and the features are extensive enough to be useful, yet simple enough not to pose a problem if you fancy a pint before you go on stage! There's nothing I persoanlly dislike about this amp, but i have a feeling that if you're a tube freak who needs distortion, you're not going to be happy in the slightest! When i bought my commando, I compared with more expensive tracers which were really too far above my price range, an Ashdown with a pre-amp valve that was just too distorted at even mid volumes for my tastes, and a peavey that just had no dynamic capabilities at all. No surprises that i got this one, then! If it were stolen, I'd get another pint, go outside, find the nearest guy on the pavement with a broken back and ask him to return it. (Yes it is that heavy.) If it really had gone missing, i'd go and buy it again without even having to think.
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