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TC Helicon Harmony G XT
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 16th, 2017
by wegraham9
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Sound Quality
Superb sound quality when used with horn and clip-on-the-bell microphone.
Only had it a few weeks, so I don't really know yet.
At $180 with free shipping from Amazon, it was a terrific bargan.
General Comments
GREAT SOUND                                                                                            8/10/17  Salem, Oregon To get great sound from your trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn, do the following: Buy a TC Helicon “VoiceTone Harmony G XT”, and feed It with an Audio Technica PRO 35 clip-on-the-bell microphone.Then run the output of the harmony effects box into a Pyle Speaker amplifier unit. (I recommend the PPHP 803 MU, which is the smallest one: About $100) but choose one that is capable of filling whatever room/outside gig you intend to play in. The AT PRO 35 is a condenser mike and needs phantom power, which the Harmony G conveniently provides. Condenser mikes can handle the large SPL’s of brass instruments. The bottom end Pyle amp has a built in power cord, and only weighs 16 pounds which is most convenient. At 300 watts it is more than capable of filling any dance hall I have ever played in. You will need a 6 foot mike cord that has a female XLR fitting at one end and a stereo ¼ inch male phone jack at the other to get the signal from the Harmony G To the amp, (The cheapest Pyle amp doesn’t have an XLR input) and you will also need a 3 conductor AC extension cord of undetermined length terminated with a switchable power strip that has at least two outlets. One for the amp, and one for the Harmony G’s wall wart. When you take a break it is most convenient to be able to turn all your equipment off with just one switch. The Harmony G holds all its settings when toggled off and back on at a later time. A small bag for the mike, Harmony G and cables and you’re all set to start producing the prettiest sounds you’ve ever heard fron any horn you’ve ever held. TOTAL COST:       AT PRO 35          $150 (Amazon.com)                               Harmony G XT    $180 (Amazon.com)                               Pyle amp              $100 (Amazon.com)                               Cables & bags     $70 (0r less)                               Total:                   $500 But it’s well worth it. The Harmony G XT  has several special effects, But I personally only use the reverb, and occasionally the up and down octave duplication effect which makes me sound like I’m playing with two other trumpeters that have fantastic chops as well as perfect timing. It has some other effects that may turn you on such as adding thirds up, and forths down, but these don’t always match the chords of the music you are playing so I seldom use them. A more astute operator than I of the Harmony G could switch these effects on and off as necessary to match whatever song they were playing at the time. The above prices are 2017 prices and will change with time, as will the model names of the equipment.
Reviewer's Background
33 years playing trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn
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