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Steinberger Synapse TranScale 6-String Guitar Strings Standard Gauge
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 11th, 2009
by David D-OAz7T
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Sound Quality
There is not much wood weight here but substantially more wood than the Steinberger Spirit. As a result, it doesn't suffer from the severe sustain problems that the Spirit did. I also own a Spirit and it simply can't compare. The neck- through and graphite wood composite neck must have something to do with this. You don't get the depth of tone that you would get with say a Les Paul, but active EQ makes up for this to some extent. The electronics are excellent, the piezo adds much needed colour to the active EMGs and the guitar is very quiet. The relative output of the piezo vs EMGs can be tuned (V1, V2 screws inside the guitar). This is a nice feature if you play extreme metal because you can tune the EMGs to an unusually high output. EMG 81, 85 combos are not known for their clean sound, but by mixing the piezo and using the active EQ, you can get truly impressive clean sound results.
I have a recurring problem with jack sockets coming lose. It's no different here unfortunately. It happens with even the best of my guitars. Incidently the Spirit which is cheap crap compared to this had a far better jack socket! Other than that, everything else is as good as you could hope for. Paint is good. Fingerboard needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it shiny. As for live playing, I expect it'll do fine. It has a good clean output that suits a lot of processing. Another good thing is you don't have to check it in on aeroplanes. Virgin America let me fly transatlantic with it as hand luggage (had to take the battery out first though)!
General Comments
I'm old. I've been playing for twenty years. I own a Dean Razorback 707, a nice Ibanez prestige, a Steinberger Spirit and this. I have played many, many guitars in my time. This is a wonderful guitar but I'm worried about the availablility of strings. I wish it had a tremelo like the Spirit. This guitar is a good compromise between a normal 6 string and a seven string.
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