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Steinberger Synapse TranScale 6-String Guitar Strings Standard Gauge
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 2nd, 2009
by Demonized
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Sound Quality
Perhaps I should briefly mention how I came to purchase this guitar. I play metal, and I love low tunings but I donżżżt get along well with thick strings or seven strings. I happened across the idea of baritone guitars which allow for low tunings using relatively light gauge strings. The 0.010s the Demon ships with actually feel like 0.009s and make shredding a breeze. The 28 5/8" scale length really lets the lows resound with authority and clarity. It definitely has something over and above 25 1/2". Players with tiny hands might find this a little challenging on the lower frets. Fortunately, I donżżżt have small hands. The guitar comes tuned to D standard, but I have mine tuned to C standard and just love it. This guitar really has combined two worlds for me: I can mercilessly chug one moment and then seamlessly shift to shredding mode the next.
I've had this guitar for 6 months and still love it to death. However, I'm not a gigging musician, and I certainly don't get close to punishing my gear the way I imagine a road tour might. So, it's difficult for me to accurately judge the Demon's reliability/durability. So far, so good.
General Comments
Some may be inclined to dismiss this guitar solely on its looks (they find it ugly or too unorthodox). It is pretty minimalist in appearance, but the thing can play! And the Demonżżżs playability won me over instantly. The Demon certainly has a great bang for the buck ratio (especially when you catch it on sale). Incidentally, the guitar does have a rolling capo that allows you to shift tunings on the fly (hence, the name TranScale), but I never use the thing. I donżżżt really have much interest in it. I prefer to play low, heavy, and mean. The EMG 81 in the bridge is perfect for this and for solos, squeals, harmonics, etc. Finally, I want to say that I liked the Demon so much I bought a second one just so that I could have that żżżmissingżżż tremolo installed. Thatżżżs not a simple thing to do by any means, but the wizards at Peekamoose Guitars in New York made it happen. For exceptional custom work, checkżżżem out!!
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