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Robert Keeley Electronics TONE WORKSTATION KTW-1
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 12th, 2006
by Al-wD03Z
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Sound Quality
The Rhythm channel (Blues Driver) sounds great , very natural sounding , the boost switch adds some low end boost but to my ears very slight. Regardless , a great natural sound for rhythm with more grit at higher settings if you need it. The compressor is awesome . It is true to an earlier model that I had with the added attack control. Very quiet and sounds great. The lead channel is the best tube screamer version that I have had from Keeley. I like using two of the effects at the same time to get some really great sounds. I am honestly not a fan of the stock tube screamer or the stock blues driver. I have a love-hate opinion of those two pedals and have owned them and sold them to try something else and then may try them again. But this is the best version to date and I have no problem in using any of these three effects. This pedal was tested with my modified EJ strat , PRS Mccarty soapbar and Santana III with Gibson pickups through my Fender Tweed Twin reissue and Matchless HC-30 with 1-12 cab with great results. I don't rate anything a 10 soundwise because we all hear differently , so this gets a solid 9.
Keeley pedals are great. I bought one of his compressors when he first started building them. Never had a problem with it. I would expect the same from this effect pedal. The switches on this pedal are heavy duty true-bypass type , bright led's, quality knobs and solid enclosure. I would use it without hesitation on any gig.
General Comments
I waited four months to do this review , because I know that we sometimes are impressed early on and quickly change our minds about gear in a short time.I think this is the perfect setup for the quick gig. Great sound , easy to use , no manual required. If they could add a delay in there and a built in ac adaptor I wouldn't need anything else. Personally I would leave out the patch bay / effects loop jacks unless special ordered, I will never need them. I play all styles, mainly blues and all styles of rock. I am a recovering gear junkie. I have owned everything at least twice. I finally realized that alot of your sound comes from your hands not a $10,000 rig and I can't own everything.. I kept a few guitars,amps and effects that I really like and sold the rest.
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