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Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 28th, 2005
by P.Parent
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Sound Quality
Sound is full, open, rich. Its also versatile. With the mixer control it could sound as thin as Fender or almost as rich as Gibson but neither Fender or Gibson can come close to sound like a RIC. So if like me, you are not into imitating somelse's sound, a RIC will sure help being more personal thought the massive use of all sounding the same Strats,Teles,Les Pauls and SG's since the ratio of RIC users is very low. Almost noise-free. I used this guitar through several amps over the years from cheap solid state Fender to Thomas old VOX. Right now I am using 2 Vox VR-30 and a Boss VF-1 effect unit. A killer combination at of versatility and small weight.
Bought it June 1988. The only guitar or bass I still posses from that era and God knows a lot of others brands of guitars/basses went in and out of my place since 1988. I live in a cold/humid or superhot/humid region of Canada and this piece of wood never had to be ajusted in any way. Most of all other instruments I owned were sold back at some point because I had to get their freaking neck re-adjusted twice a year and that drives me crazy.
General Comments
Ric doesn't make the 350 as such but a vintage version is still available: 350v64C. If I would still be available I would buy a few more of them any time. There are only 2 instruments that I really loved thoughout the years: this 350 and a 1971 4001 that I sold to pay the rent of my first apartment with I moved with my girlfriend back then. Even today, she keeps reminding today (even if we don't live together any more) how stupid that decision was. The fact is that she loved that bass more than I did despite the fact she never played a single of music. She kept that bass so clean and shiny almost to the point that I fell uncomfortable using it...
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