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Metasonix TM-1
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 20th, 2003
by digital angel-1-XZ-
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Sound Quality
i am giving the tm-1 a rating of 10 because it does what it is meant to do very well. the tm-1 is about one thing: NOISE. if youre not familiar with waveshapers, i suggest you read up on them before you purchase this. basically, this box works doubletime as two effects: the waveshaper takes your original input waveshape, and folds it, giving your signal new sonic aspects. you can achieve very fizzled sounding distortion, or through a preamp, a nice tube crunch. the ring modulator is noisy as hell, but in a usable way. this is mainly due to the fact that the internal oscillator is controlled by a 'beam switching' tube that forces the signal to switch back and forth, more or less. its hard to explain, and its not a ring mod in the conventional sense. you can also hook up an analog lfo to the cv in to inject pulses into the ring modulator. another aspect of this box is that it can only recognize jagged waveforms. a guitar waveform is too smooth to trigger the tm-1, so use a preamp or distortion before the tm-1. Eric Barbour (the creator of the tm-1) suggested to me to digitize the guitar signal by running it through a shit reverb pedal first. there's so much digitization noise on reverb outputs that the tm-1 can pick up on the pulses. very cool stuff.
its extremely sturdy, but i handle anything that has tubes in it with the most care imaginable. for this, ill give it a 9.
General Comments
the tm-1 breathes new life into old and boring gear. remember those shitty dod pedals that you bought when you were 14 years old, that are collecting dust under the bed right now? try using them in conjunction with this, you might be pleasantly surprised (i was). if you hear something cool, record it right away. this thing is very arcane, and chances are if you turn it off and then back on, it wont sound the same. it has its own life force, and never sounds the same twice. the bottom line? buy more metasonix. its nice to support the little guy, and youre getting a product that will set your sound apart from the crowd.
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