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L.A.L. Noise Effects Oscillo-Fuzz
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 17th, 2002
by Anonymous-CHANp
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Sound Quality
My rating of eight for this category could be easily misunderstood because LAL pedals are made for the noise musician, therefore, they won't have pristine sound quality. I was a bit disappointed with the fuzz as it's somewhat thin-sounding and will not support percussive fretting-hand string muting very well. It's noisy, but I expected more. I do like the piercing treble with my guitar tone knob at ten. The built-in oscillator is powerful, similar to the idea of Z-vex's Fuzz Factory but much easier to control. My guitar sounded like a synth bass (a la MXR Blue Box) in some instances.
The build-quality is superb, same design and metal casing as an MXR pedal. I would absolutely use this without a backup. The knobs are solid, not cheap plastic.
General Comments
Like all LAL effects, the Oscillo-Fuzz is pricy, but this isn't a boring Boss pedal that you can find anywhere. I would've liked another knob or two; just level, osc on/off switch, and fuzz amount (or osc freq with switch on)... maybe a "color" knob or something. Having the osc activated with the fuzz, turning the second counter-clockwise will cause a raise in pitch (capable of nice piercing tones!), but this also causes a proportional decrease with fuzz level. The MXR-style metal footswitch causes a loud pop. I love the compact but solid construction. If it were stolen, I'd probably buy another LAL effect first but I'd still get this one later. It's so cool, rare and industrial, definitely not for the guitar purist. This one is a nice addition to my noise-producing-pedal arsenal. This is a very refreshingly original pedal company (again, not for everyone) among these terribly boring carbon-copy pedal companies with the same tired phasers, flangers, and weak-ass distortion (Boss, Dod, Arion, Maxon, etc.) The price tag could be a bit lower. It originally lists for over $200. Again, I thought the fuzz would be noisier (I'm sick) but I still like it.
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