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Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad Digital Effect/Controller
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 24th, 2004
by City Maniac
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Sound Quality
I bus it with a roland 1680 recorder and 1680 is the heart of my studio and bus it to the recorder enables me to process every tracks that are fed into the roland 1680, simultaneously or individually or selectively...it's all up to me!! Korg sound quality~!!!!! I feel that korg really spend time in sound engineering!! I appreciate that!!! It's so clean yet at the same time Korg has a special hollow character that no one else has! this is an effect box/whatever/whatever I would say, all depends on how you wanna use it!! so the choice is yours, not the machine!!! No LIMIT soldjah I thought I told Ya!!! it has built in sounds that you don't have to run anything through it to work, and patterns too...you can also adjust the patterns bpm to match with whatever else you are doing..this box is straight up sickness!!+
never have a problem!! never crash or forze or mulfunction!!! the build is so much better than kp-1 that plastic toy, this has a metal chasis and blue light under a peice of glass for the display unit...looks classy!!the knobs feels tight and right!!! I bought a korg bag specially for the Kaoss pad so I can travel aroud with it!!! I have friends do music so I can just bring my korg bag with my kaoss pad to friends studio and collaborate with breezing ease!!! feel me??!
General Comments
I play Chinese Jazzy Hip Hop but I also do some Ken Ishhii Khit so this thing is good from subtle effects that touches up the music or only certain instruments to add atmosphere or to full crazy manipulation or aural orgasm>>>>hhehe...I only wish the vocoder effect can recognize a singing pitch so I can sing along with it instead of just talking...if it were stolen I will definitely replace one!!fo sho! I have a korg trinity and a korg VC 10 the vocoder sound is definitely cleaner than the VC 10 but like I said I can't sing along with it cuz Kaos pad's vocoder effects have no pitch difference. Last words, For those who things "Kaoss" Pad is only for DJ's or crazy effects, THink again>>> Idont' DJ at all and this thing ain't no some cheezy disco bright light stuff. It's powerful enough to twist your music 180 degree but sometimes when I made walking on smoke, meditating kinda music I just put a light Kp-2 touch to it to make my music more lush, creamy, better....If you liek Korg's sound quality Get a KP-2,,,forget about KP-1,,that khit is history!!! only a stress test version of KP-2!!
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