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Korg Electribe•R mkII
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 15th, 2005
by klingon
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Sound Quality
This is its strength: the sound. Oh yes, it sounds so COOL! This is exactly the drummachine I wanted! I've made dance/trance loops, electro/synthpop patterns and even some hiphop drumloops and they all sound good! If you want it all to sound chaotic (but still cool), add some cross mod and delay and play around with the delay time. If you're a good patch programmer everything will sound like a dream. It's perfect for Kraftwerkish boings and smack sounds as its envelopes are very snappy and clicky (you know the lovely snappy sound of the pro one's envelopes? it reminds me of them...). The ER-1 and the EA-1 makes a great couple and I use them synched together. They're meant to be used together and I really recommend you to do so too if you can afford them both and you think you need both of them.
Dependable? You bet. Sturdy casing (while we're at it, I just gotta mention that its bronze/red metal casing is really HOT!) and lovely knobs (even though they're plastic). The software is very well programmed and seems reliable (I haven't had any problems). I would definately use it on a gig without a backup.
General Comments
I payed 1100SEK (approx. $140) for it (new) a few days ago. They were sold at a clearance sale and I got the last one! Gosh, am I lucky or what? I someone stole mine, I'd probably kill the one who did it and then kill myself. No, not really, but I would definately buy a new one. I'm a Korg fan (my gear setup only consists of Korg gear at the moment) and this machine hasn't made me dissapointed. Another amazing product of Korg! It's very simple and fast to use and that's what I like the most about it. And, as a plus, it sounds good and is so fun to use! Buy one!
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