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John Pearse 300M 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 1st, 2006
by map51
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Sound Quality
I compared this to my Hamer Studio, which has the same mahogony/maple construction and 2 Seymour Duncan 59 humbuckers.Note that the Hamer costs about 5x a much ($2200 vs $410) and sounds slightly clearer and brighter.The Hamer also sounds better unplugged and has better looking wood. But they both weigh about the same, and are equally comfortable to play. The Agile 3000M has a decent clear channel tone ( I prefer my Agile 3000 with the P90's for a clean tone) but the 3000M comes alive with a Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive pedal thru my Fender Blues Junior. It also has great sustain thru the lead channel of my 50w Peavey Valveking and even sounded good on the UK 80's and Boutique Overdrive settings of a 30w Vox Valvetronix (an amp that quickly exposes any hums or other flaws in the electronics of a guitar). In my opinion the 3000M is a well suited for classic rock tones like the Allman Bros and British Blues/John Mayall.
This guitar is solid and well built, and should withstand normal wear and tear very well. The finish looks more durable than the 3000. The strap buttons are nicely oversized.
General Comments
I have been playing for 45 yrs. I presently own a Hamer Studio Custom, Carvin DC400A, Fender Strat, Xaviere 900, the Agile 3000 with P90's and this Agile 3000M with humbuckers. It's best feature is how light and comfortable it is for a Les Paul style guitar. I also give it a high score for a comfortable fretboard with good upper fret access. It is almost as good and well-made as my Hamer, which is generally rated as equal or superior to a Gibson Les Paul Standard. I believe the guitar is now priced at about $450 on Rondo's website. That's an affordable price for a very nice, well made guitar.
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