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Hammond XPK100 MIDI Pedal Board For XK-2
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 14th, 2003
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
This is an update review of the Hammond XK2. My views are much the same as before. However, since my original review was submitted, the new Korg CX3 has been released. I've yet to play this keyboard, but having seen and heard one in action, and spoken at length to its owner, there is no doubt that the XK-2 now has serious competition. Certainly, with its twin sets of drawbars, one for each manual, the new CX3 seems well in front of the XK2 for stage set-up of a twin-manual organ. I personally prefer the sound of the more mellow XK2, particularly if it's played through a Leslie cab. If you're looking at buying a Hammond clone, both organs need to be properly accessed.
This is an update review of the Hammond XK-2. In my original review, I mentioned a little glitch that had begun to emerge: having had the XK-2 on for a while but not using it , odd drawbars would suddenly come up over the top of a preset without me touching anything. This alarming glitch actually worsened the more I owned the XK-2, and, worse, it started to happen at gigs. Eventually I contacted Hammond UK. Their service department was most helpful. After a number of discussions and the keyboard going in for repair, it turned out that my XK2 was one of the first to come into the UK. At some stage since I bought my XK-2, a version 2 software update was made. The drawbar glitch seems to have been corrected on the new software, which has now been installed on my XK-2. So far, so good, though sadly I'm going to have to dock a point for reliability, as the glitch was very irritating, and affected one or two gigs.
General Comments
I still rate this keyboard a great deal, but there's no doubt that it faces serious competition from Korg's new CX3.
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