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Fender Three Button Footswitch for Pro 185 Amp
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 23rd, 2008
by Jake-Ygdys
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Sound Quality
This thing sounds absolutely amazing. I own an American Custom Shop Strat, with Custom Shop pickups, and a Gibson SG Classic with P-90s and they both sound great. It can sound like Foo Fighters, it can sound like Muse, it can sound like Chili Peppers, anything you want really. It is not noisy at all except with single coils like what I tend to use, so you get that expected hum. Otherwise, noise free with humbuckers. The distortion is super crunchy with boost, more muddy on the norm, and extremely clean on the clean setting.
This is a VERY dependable amp. My only problem was that at one point, something burned a hole in the motherboard and it didn't work. However, I had a skilled technician repair it, and it works absolutely amazingly now. I don't know why exactly the hole burned through, perhaps the previous owner didn't take care of it, but show it love and it will work fine. I would certainly use this at a show without a backup.
General Comments
I've played for about 6 years, and other than very expensive amps, nothing is better. I own a Roland Cube 60 for when I leave the Fender at band practice, and the Pro 185 blows the Roland outta the water. If it were stolen again, I would probably look for another, but unless it were a steal, i would rather just buy a tube amp or something. I love how versatile this thing is though. I've gone from Hendrix, to Metallica with only a couple switches. It was not a perfect metal tone, but heck, it's not a metal amp, but it still did a good job of creating the sound. When purchasing this, I looked at Marshalls, other fenders, crates, and peaveys, but none were woth the price, and none could compare to this thing. If it were tube, it would be THE PERFECT amp. If you get the chance to play this thing, and you don't need tube, then buy it the second you can.
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