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Fender Super Bullets 3250L Light Electric Guitar Strings
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 16th, 2005
by Pat.
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Sound Quality
ok... as a beginner i didn't care, really. but once i got better (i hope...) i realized that wasn't the sound i was looking for. i played it with my LP and a boss ds-1 distortion, but when the volume passed "3" on the clean channel, the sound started braking up. and not in a nice, tube amp way... crappy. sounded like the speaker exploded or somethin'... real sh#%&y! for low volumes... it's ok. the distortion channel sounds better. put the od around 2 or 3 and get a nice od sound, a la tube amp (the sound i was looking for...). i eventually got a 70's fender super twin reverb, that -of course- sounded much better! my band needed more power (the super twin got 180w RMS... so that's enough!!!). so, in the end: clean channel, vol. under 5: 8 " , vol. over 5: 2 dist. channel, drive at 3: 8 " , drive on full: 5 so, that's aprox. a 6 in total...
ok, it's a fender after all... construction of the cab is nice, no sloppy job, really. it's nice to look at. i've spilled beer on it, smashed it, and it's fallen so many times, but still sounds! that's a good point, i couldn't say the same thing about a tube amp... he he he BUT the ext. speaker output doesn't work anymore, that's crappy. the pots are a little loose, and it's "shaky" all over, but it hasn't fallen apart (yet). i wouldn't gig with it, never ever... not because it's not reliable, but because is sounds pretty awful when turned up.
General Comments
it is an amp for someone to young (bedroom beginner), or someone too old (angry evil wife)... someone that doesn't expect too much of an amp. tube amps and vintage gear is my thing now, sorry. i wish i could say more good things about it, i love it, it's my first amp, but it's merely sentimenalism. that's why i haven't sold it. i now use it for my 60's yamaha yc-10 organ, and it sounds... well, ok. i would never ever buy it again. not a solid state amp.
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