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Fender Super Bullets 3250L Light Electric Guitar Strings
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 15th, 2004
by tommy-HmtiE
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Sound Quality
i use a 2002 mexican strat and play basically everything i can get my hands on except for funk. it has bad distortion and you cant run a pedal through it to get really good dist. the distortion sounds fuzzy kinda like it got the clean and then threw some fuzz on it. the clean sounds good, but it is still noisy. my pickups arent ne thing special, but it sure isnt the problem. the amp has a hard time blending the sounds especially when using low distortion and high mid like for blues. if your trying the amp out, try fretting the 5th string at the 11th fret and the 4th string at the 9th fret and u will see what i mean. the clean channel always is sparkiling. the distortion still really bothers me. the wattage isnt that good. when i play with my band, i cant be heard over the drummer when he's playing as quiet as he can.
the amp is light and i dont really know how strong the constrution is. it has broken a few times. i treat it like a king and still it manages to get broken. some of the wires have fried inside so if the cable is barely touched, everything goes silent. that started barely after i got it
General Comments
ive been playing for about 2 years but have more experience under my belt than most people that have been playin for 4. when you get the amp u will probally think its great but after a year you start to think why you bought it. if you are starting out i would definately suggest something different. i think peavey has some nice starter amp but im not sure. do some research for different companies before you get cumpulsive and go by this. by the way if you still want this amp i will sell you mine!
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