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Fender 3150XL Pure Nickel Wound Original Bullets Extra Light Electric Guitar Strings
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 1st, 2009
by Nick -IBHXL
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Sound Quality
With my Squire HSS Strat this amp sounds quite good with tweaking, however it goes very high on the treble, especially with the humbucker. I found that you can counteract this by getting a sound to replicate a bassman amp (roughly 3 treble, 4 mid, and 10 bass), however the amp was rattling either itself or things around it with this setup so I'm not sure if it was a significant advantage. On the bass pickup the treble still can be annoying, but not near as severe. I use this pickup the most, as it sounds best for blues and classic rock, and with tweaking this setup will sound great. The amp has no visible flaws playing on a middle pickup, or any mid tone single coil for that matter. Sorry for rambling on a bit there, lets just end this with a simple rating, 6.
This I an automatic 10 for me. The amp has survived 4 foot falls onto concrete, cords yanking it down face first, anything and everything. How's it doing? Good as new. I would use it in any gig, well and small one... don't know how much 15 watts would cut it...
General Comments
I've been playing for about 10 months and this guitar has carried me through that time. I own a vintage 60's/70's Orpheum student model guitar, a Squire HSS Strat, this anp, an SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal, and a few 30 and 120 watt speakers if I should ever need them. IF this amp were stolen I'd go a bit higher on wattage, maybe get a Line 6 or something, but for what it is this amp is great. I love that it's affordable and will carry beginners, like me, through. I wish It had a footswitch or something, but hey, what can you expect?
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